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Yeah so We made some really good friends there. i like. I don't want to mention his name but there's one factory owner Crews runabout monkey. Oh yes yeah. Yeah i wanna put on blast his name just in case. I don't know. But i guess those are those are havana's he does a lot of banda's yeah so it's been tobacco That they grow in nicaragua so they take. The cuban sees grow nicaragua so essentially. You have a cuban cigar. And he's cuban and so essentially make cuban cigars in nicaragua. It's gonna cool and they're really good. They are fantastic cigars and there. I would say you know you. Don't when you get a cuban right. You're we'll worse his ben. How did he get here right. Yeah yeah now. There's now what happened in guerrilla is all the cubans a buncha cubans. Came over. bought all this land in this city and because it was ripe for tobacco they brought all their seeds over. Now i guess all the best cigars in the world basically come from the city and details. I was granted the taste better because a lot more fresh. They're like farm to table. Exactly exactly farmed ashtray ashtray. Farm to humidor. And you gotta line on some other cigars. They were my favorite. I mean i probably hundreds of cuban cigars hundred percent cuban cigars you know the you a cuban fresh in that one fresh you you wouldn't there's there is no difference at least. I can't nobody that. I've talked to be able to tell so. We got a line on on that one factory. And then we got a line on the other one Coronal right corona lucky rona. Yeah those are which which yeah at those kind of the construction in the way it pulls and everything Yeah those a really good as well. Yeah those are those are actually probably just a little bit better just a little bit more as well..

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