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Finally, we have a success. And then you imply that I'm not the true author of it. Way. Holy dynamite. Here we've created something really powerful. And if it goes off at the wrong time, they could blow on bloody heads off care nightly and Dominic west. They're Symon all of these themes a woman, reclaiming voice, not density from the man that keeps the in the in the covered speak could be more timely could it. Okay. I think the way the the tagline and the marketing of Colette tees up could maybe set view is up for disappointment. I think if they go in expecting it to be this radical Savelli ING feminist call. I don't know if they'll be entirely satisfied. However, if you go into this movie expecting to see care nightly in a prestige drama about female writer, who you don't know too much about that has had quite an interesting life. Maybe might be surprised maybe when I watched this on a set of Critics Circle screen over Christmas with my parents and very. Small glass of Sherry four PM on the day before Christmas Eve that kind of expectation this viewing really made this film work for me. I think Karen idly is right in her kind of comfort zone in the period drama. She looks amazing in the outfits the sleeves in this former incredible. But I don't know. There was something about her performance. The I felt was different to what she's usually doing. I think here nightly as what these actors who like David Tennant acts entirely with her taste. It's all in the JOL. She has it. And I love the emotion comes from the country of the jewel. But here she seems different. She seems more relaxed. She seems more loose. She seems more as I don't know. Whether that's just kind of confidence growing as an actor whether the role is just slightly more interesting than what she's usually given. I think Dominic west is very funny in this role. He could misogynistic seductive awful husband who stealing all of her ideas and positive offices. I and yes, literally locking her in a cupboard and making her right? Which is I guess one way to meet you deadline. I think it's so easy for the film to make him into caricatured villain. But he's he's just kind of witty and funny, and he's kind of lovable scampering away. I don't think that that that lets him off the hook attending the phone that's off the hook. But I think it makes dynamic more interesting to watch for sure again like I went into thinking, it would probably be. Bad probably not my Cup of tea, but actually found it quite charming. So. Similar vibes. I'm I was a little bit disappointed with it. I mean token about care nightly careers been strange, and I find that in her kind of early days of like bend it like Beckham and love actually and things like that. It was so of thought that she wasn't the greatest actress. And then those a point in career where she just of almost seemed like right? I'm not doing the kind of fluff anymore. I'm out doing these kind of easy roles. Gonna try something bit more difficult and those David Cronenberg film dangerous method. Yes. And I mean, I don't if you if you recall that best funny, you mentioned the jewel thing. But she plays this kind of character. Who's in the early bits of the film? She's in the throes of physical madness. And she has this kind of like affliction with her jaw where she's kind of like almost trying to bite her own face. And I remember seeing that thinking all right Keira Knightley is a great actor. Ever since I've I've really thought that she has been kind of an asset to most of the film she's been in. And I think she's really great in. This film is the lead in an and I actually think that this is a weird thing actually. But one of the things slightly put me off this film was a sense of almost disparity or I thought she was so much better than most other elements in the film. Yeah, I think Dominic west and her there is of interesting of two handed dynamic there. But you do have lots of soap lamentably, supporting characters her friends, his friends, and that all doubt within the most superficial way, none of them have much screen time and acting is quite bad as well..

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