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Place for custody exchange. You know where one billion can take the child from the other because of lock down. Every they're facing this challenge should now They're struggling to figure this out and the child was I think He's about six to seven years. Old started asking questions from the mother who has adorned says because it was earlier smooth at eight two they could tell stories and you know Satisfy the jails university man now. The the cushions how much more deep overdoses anxiety and everything and then given that debord opinions are also additionally inches because of the logged on and they're not able to on the custody exchange so you wanted to ask that how does it impact the psychology of child who has no all either in a separation Albany ancient during the billions. It's important to I lowering the anxiety that Obama has and because we have The online platforms where the child can connect with the other parents. Who doesn't have the custody that he or she should be able to connect with each other even though they have to be staying in this manner so we don't deprive the child of the other band in fact make it a better move in fact connect with the other parent Through the social media or not social media Saudi the Internet platform and connect with the better. And I can see that there is a problem but then if you explain to the child I don't see that they don't understand in fact that unsung heroes they are. They're very who they understand. Many things very easily right testing I think of the the shoot onto his question and the guy was actually very well at the system. Pretty but I will assist you in connecting with your bed with the wherever the bed. In the father of the mother of and in fact it's also giving opportunity to the other parent to connect. Nc This as a little family unit. I see it very differently. I see very positive and friendly also so that they can probably live together for the spur of diamond and the Assad the south together. I think I think we just heard about this case of litigation into the notion that they've started Staying together because goupil and big ditch there. Lots of parents who started doing that. It's the just because we know that he's a Hito and yet talking about. There are lots of ban until Saturday doing that. And some of landed up with a better relationship saw. I see a lot of positivity there and your anguish and your anger and your host of behavioral goes away in such things and you become very close to each other. So let's take this as an opportunity which is Which is a silver lining. Not that definitely could be a silver lining. Let us hope for the best so much as always we cannot wrap the show without talking about real conversations in your view. What role does conversations play ineffective unconscious parenting? I think non conversations not conversations happy conversations just have to be there I mean how can you be in the same house with your child and not talk to him and be so angry with him for his small little mistake? We've all done mistakes. We shouldn't take away that privilege that the child has that my parents is is talking in my bed and disconnecting with me and You know must every fight become into a battle. Moi? Don't think so and let's just connect let's just greet each other and let learn to appreciate each other. We have to appreciate our children not beyond a certain point but appreciate them and also let them know where they're going wrong. They need to be doing that and I would say that. Don't get too harsh with them. Don't get to food with them. Because the more the harsh more the children are not able to take back and we have to sit and reason out and also learn to communicate with each other so communication is very big tool that is there between The child and the parent and conversations have to be the most so when you talk about the conversations and family would like to ask you about the teenagers. Today we see many of them look withdrawn and much less conversational than we used to be when we were young. What role you think. The parents and elders Los Complains just situation yes see. Teenagers have stopped having many conversations with their parents or their grandparents were staying in the same house in fact It starts off small so from the younger age. Only Leonardo seeing that. The children are connecting with each other. I think we need to region and the create certain situations in the house where the child is connecting with the maddened or with the grandparent or the extended family and We need to be open about it and get them to do certain chores in the house and not leave it to the helpers or the caretakers of the house to do simple chores like picking up glasses Elaine tables. I them in many things and it begins when you're small. It doesn't begin age. The conversations definitely have gone down and we don't know what to converse about in in fact. We are only talking about homework and video building. We're not talking novel things. We're not having a GOV session where that child Ville. If you're listening it now take note of what they explore. Distilling you so that you can become that Rockstar Perrin. That he always wanted to be with this. I wrap up this episode of real conversations. Thank you for taking out Dane. Stay safe stay happy and almost every month..

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