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He's chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee. He's along truck Grassley, author to study. If you will have to call it. It's an investigative report. On the Bidens, and they've studied and rolled down deep on how the Bidens have milked their official capacity as daddy being vice president and part of the Obama administration. Milk. Taxpayers of money. Milk Chinese of money, Ukrainians of money and right now he's on Maria Bartiromo on fact. He was over the weekend, and he's talking about how The Bidens and Ah, a guy named Devin Archer. That's one of the partners and, of course, John Kerry's kid, but they got $4.2 million in their business dealings that that's just the tip of the iceberg. 4.2 million. Can you think of a way they could rationalize that that they could excuse that? How would they do that? I'd like to hear him try. But what Ah Senator Ron Johnson is talking about is a Joe Biden a straight up lied. He was interviewed on something called Axis, which is a straight of Communist organization. Almost like Al Jazeera America, But the bottom line is is that he lied. You just straight applied lie. I don't know anything about Elliot. Really? He was part of it. He made made. It wouldn't happen if it were not for Joe Biden. Nobody's calling him on it. A man Donald Trump, please. I'm yourself with some questions tomorrow night police and just throw him out there. Even Biden doesn't Ah, take debate. Let him hang there. The one the one risk Donald Trump runs is you can't make it look like he's trying to point out that Joe Biden is mentally adult. He is. But but it's it's fair game to put out there that Hey, you want to be president? Answer this question. How do you explain the fact that you have Ah, for example, all the houses and millions that you have when you're never in free markets free of our free enterprise system. You're totally a politician, all your life. Players of lunch bucket. Joe even had a real job. You've been living on the public trough and the bottom line. Is that your snout in it So long was enough 47 years 40 Niners and you have multiple houses huge as houses. And your kid has AH company with billions associated with how's that happened? Throw it out there. Now. You know, the bite is going to make a deal of Donald Trump. You haven't paid taxes. And what is it? Seven years? You're Ah, You've been Ah, fraud, But Trump could always come back with what? Well, no, I used existing tax law. To avoid paying taxes. That's how it goes, and I earned the money I avoided paying taxes on in the free market says them. People don't care that the the collective mind if you will, the straight up matrix. Ah! That is the progressive psychotic. They don't care that there's one of vilify Trump matter what Rush was all over that today. That's what's gonna happen. You watch tomorrow night, Joe Biden is going to defer to constantly trying to malign Donald Trump. Ah, accusatory, so he's never going to state any policy cogently. I've got 25 questions that he must be asked. He must be asked Before we go there. Michigan's Michigan allows ballot harvesting for more than four days now. Before I get into this peace. This is an expose by Joel Polly probably really know about this. Ah, somewhat. Ah, Leftist activist judge yet in Detroit has said that people can count ballots in Michigan 14 days after the official election day. Michigan Court decision. It will extend the deadline for postmark mail in ballots to be received up to 14 days after Election Day will also allow balance to be submitted by third parties. It's called Balan harvesting during that during a specific period. Ah! Michigan Court of Claims Judge Cynthia Stevens ruled that mail in ballots postmarked by November, 2nd the day before Election Day. We'll still be counted in them in Michigan 2020 election. This is absurd. Now before we're going further on this, Where is our Michigan Republican elected official dumb. Where are they? I mean name. Where is Tim Walberg? Where's what's his name up there? Ah, ah, the rest of that Another names. Thie other us Ah, House representatives. Why are they not screaming about this? Well, not might Just bullet is your district. It's your state. Why are they not screaming about this? Where they're not issued Some type of a statement? Ah unified statement on the part of the Republican House of Representatives members. Why have they not issued some kind of unified statement that this will not stand? We need to get this to the Michigan Supreme Court as soon as possible, And I'm not even picking on elected Republican officials in the State House. What have they done that and maybe they haven't? I missed it. I don't know. You think it to be somewhere where I trip over? I hit so many websites every day. Nothing. In addition, Judge Stephens She's an activist. She's not a judge. Said. The strangers can return other people's ballots. That's normally a felony. Between 501 P. M on Friday, October 38 p. M on November 3rd the moment that polling places they're supposed to close on Election day. How is this If that's normally a felony, why's it excusable now? Because some psychotic brought in a black robe Senate where our elected officials where are they? Why have they not called A Shut this bitch down? Why? Why? I don't know why. Stevens wrote the court and joins M C L Baba Baba by this election from 5 P.m.. Friday, October 30 until the close of the Poles November 3rd. So you walk up with a bunch of ballots that you found in the trunk of your car? Wink, wink nod, nod, and they have to count them. And they have to count balance for 14 days passed. So here's what we need to do. Here is the only way we shut this down because our elected officials are doing nothing. Nothing, sir. Keys doing nothing. I don't care what they say about they got some kind of a lawsuit Going there doing nothing.

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