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So that was definitely a she's doing, but you member when you to the soundboard you got on a little bit earlier seek attested the end the first time that you got the iota say Yoda, I fucking cry laughing. Like, I was so good. Did he didn't he didn't even he didn't really laugh. He just was like what's that? And then I read the room, and that podcast and just did it a few more times. But I'd be careful, and we need Jeff speak. Let's be clear like Jeff keeps us on the rails. He's very good at hosting. We we need him. Yes. I think so. I'm glad he does that for us because it's a smooth production. What we have him. But I I also think I don't think he gets mad at us. When we go off the rails. I think he gets mad at us when we do something unexpected. Yeah. I think that's more than anything else. Deviate off schedule. All right second. Last question for troll your play. Putt putt at park king in Arlington heights, Illinois. No as very specific. And I just assume because he has it that it would make sense. But thanks for wasting our time at the question like that. No. But I did I did snowboard at this place called raging buffalo in out Gakuen. I think is where it is. We're out on the world is in New York gawk ones in let's see opened up. The Chicago land map a raging buffalo snowboard ski park. It. Just as hill at some toe ropes on it just go there. Scott fun gone Quinn is northwest Konkan is a little bit to the west of Arlington heights. So I lived in crystal lake so it's kinda like off the beaten path in terms of the Chicago suburbs is up. There is is more north. I mean, I I'm so out of my element. Anytime you guys DVD into the mid west finish kogo once at night that's about as far gives more north. I don't really know Chicago geography, something I'm just very very bad at you know, when you're young, and you don't truly understand where you're at. Yeah. That was me. All right last question. Fuck Mary kill to Bach Landau in our to two. I'm not sure what I pick with this. I think I'm going to marry Landau because land is the richest indefinitely like out gold Landau. He's a fucking Barron. Administrative cloud city that dude got clout some money. He's a fucking pimp you dresses, nice, and he smooth and sexy Chewbacca. I mean, I just can't fuck to bucket, and I can't be fucked by two bucks sued break me in my what? And I just don't wanna fuck to bucket. Kills him. I'm gonna kill him. And I'm gonna I'm gonna fuck are due to. I would I would fuck Lando. And then I think I would marry chew Baca because he would protect me be my be my strongman hold me in his arms late late at night in. I would kill to detour. Because I think I would feel I wouldn't feel bad about killing a robot. Yeah. I guess so I do like that. But number one, I don't think like Juba does not have a lot of money as a rebel. He's on the run all the time. I don't know if he's like, you can't really stay with it. Because even have a home. Yeah. Kiss your whatever first of all. 'cause she number two doesn't live like fulltime 'cause chic. No. Did she get because she gets a straight or there's like five battles on cacique? Now, I I mean, you'd be financially secure Landau..

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