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Approaching doctors are warning that a growing number of kids or getting sick with covert nineteen. Hundreds of cases have been reported in the atlanta area. Where the school years already begun and in new orleans. Dr mark klein at the children's hospital says a record number of kids are being hospitalized with any of them too young to receive the vaccine. We need adults to step up. If if they're not going to get the vaccine to protect their own health they should do it for their families and for these young children who are the most vulnerable among us Fourth wave of infections is being driven by the delta variant. But klein says it's not yet clear delta's more dangerous to children. A top aide for new york governor. Andrew cuomo has abruptly resigned. Melissa to rose issued a statement last night in brian. Man reports pressure on cuomo to step aside continues to grow following release of an investigation. Finding he sexually harassed women on his staff. Melissa de rosa was one of andrew cuomo's most visible and most influential aides report by the state attorney general alleges she played a leading role retaliating against one of the women who spoke publicly about cuomo's sexual behavior in a statement to rosette didn't address that charge. She said it had been her greatest honor to work for new york state. Her departure comes as political support for cuomo continues to unravel the state. Agee's investigation released last week. Detailed sexual improprieties by the democratic governor against eleven women allegations. Cuomo has denied members of the state assembly's judiciary committee meet today to move forward with an impeachment. Probe brian man. Npr news new york united nations out this morning with a strongly-worded reports on climate change. The report says heat waves droughts and torrential rains will only become more frequent and extreme as earthworms report written by the world's top climate scientists comes as wildfires rage in western states and greasy forced thousands from their homes over the past week. The rwandan military says its soldiers. Last month helped the mozambican army drive out islamic state affiliated insurgents who had overrun an important port town. He's muffin deco reports from harari. On the nearly four year fight against the insurgents they islamic state's affiliated insurgents captured most symbo depri- last august in march they to cova poma another coastal town but the claims to have since pushed the insurgents out of the town the mozambican armed forces and for a mess. Mary's if struggled to regain control of kabul delgada since the surgeons i struck in two thousand seventeen in addition to wander member countries of the southern african development community who agreed to send a regional force to mozambique have started sending troops to the country for npr news. Im ish windy quite in adding. And you're listening to npr. Senate is still working to push that roughly one trillion dollar infrastructure package final passage clear another hurdle last night. Eighteen republicans joined democrats and invoking. What's known as cloture. A final vote could come as early as tomorrow morning. Meanwhile senate democrats have just unveiled their three and a half trillion dollar budget proposal. They want to pass without republican support. Thousands of people are attending a ten day music festival in northeastern pennsylvania. It's taking place in an area with a high rate of cove in nineteen spread and has meghan frank with member station w. lv are reports. Few festival goers are wearing masks music is billed as the nation's largest free outdoor music festival over the weekend the majority of music fans showed up without masks to shows in northampton county where cova case rates have doubled in the last week but attendees like lauren. I in her boyfriend see. They're not worried. Yeah we're both vaccine. And i think all the people that we care about our vaccinated so we feel good about being out and about some public health. Experts are concerned. The festival could cause cova outbreaks. Fest organizers recommend people mask up at indoor events but there's no mask mandate in place for npr news. i'm megan franke in bethlehem financial markets mixed ahead of the opening bell on wall street. The major markets in europe largely down in monday trading but stocks in shanghai and hong kong advanced trading was in asia today the markets in japan and singapore closed for a holiday on trial. Snyder npr news..

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