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The best thing apple could do there is just merged long press and three touch they shouldn't be discreet gestures because that creates too much collision china trying to put gigli mode onto lead app icons when you're you can't press too hard but you can't press too quickly won't work i mean it's just it's infuriating but if if it didn't matter whether you did three three touch force press forest press or long press and you could do that on you know on on either device just long press on the ipad that's fine and you do that on the iphone but if you know about three d touch you can just press it hard because i think fits his law for glass surfaces as the angry you are harder you press and just naturally naturally goes to three the touch i think that would work better in three d touch was not great for me until i went into the preferences and found the adjustment level that i needed because i was doing a lot of force press instead of lung press and you know like oh i want gigli mode and no yes once i was able to make that adjustment so for people who who like maybe wanna play with it a little bit more or have tried it and failed at it like go a justice preferences it's one of those things like if you take a couple of minutes like if you have trouble with touch id if you take a couple of minutes and go delete your fingers and go put them back in just let you know it's the same thing if you go in and look at that preference and make a little bit of an adjustment then it can be a lot more useful and that was that was basically the magic for me and then trying it on stuff like just remembering that it was a feature that i could play with and then using it like adjusting the the brightness of the flashlight so that i can go from full on blinding to slightly less blinding you know if i if i need it to be a little bit less blending and then using all the different for such features the apple built into stuff like finding those was was part of what i liked about it because it gave me new ways to find the apps useful.

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