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And this was so weird. Like, they take away all sympathy for the mother like this is how I'm going to kill myself in front of my kid like this. Never like, I love you. I'm sorry. I guess she's catatonic. But I don't really understand. Like, there's cheat knows that he's there like the stronger choice in my mind is just look forward. But the fact that she's making icon, she gives you the look that like intelligence he gives you if you ask for a straw. She's like. Volvo. I mean that is such a crazy fuck in moment. Like, and that's what you open the movie. And then I thought did you guys think that that was Michael fast? Yes. The whole time. I thought it was supposed to right? Oh him that was part of the storytelling because it's like, why would you? Why would you? Why would you show this fade into Michael bender logical? Yes that was fucking drunk and children's museum of children's park. And then give no reason why he's fucked up. I don't know why. Yes, why alcohol I presume? Alcohol agreeing with the. Yes. It's not a disease. No it is. No reason it's an annoying. Joe Ryan finally, someone said rusher. Or just hand to fucking liquor. We know you. Gosh, whatever the movie is part of the reason the movie is so bad is that it is. It's a it's a mystery movie in which it is constantly giving you misdirect the do not help you you don't get ahead of it. Like, yes. Cutting from this to him sleep thing suggests he is that kid, but he's not. So as a result, you're like, I can't I can't play at all with this movie. Also, get a I don't get to weigh in. I don't get to be a head of it. I don't get to guest. I just you pointed any character and be like, that's the murder. Yeah. This movie, you're not it doesn't take you with it. Why does he makes you fucking victim? What was so they gave us Harry hole. They also gave us the term. This was also a lady love Harry hole. It gave us the term pregnancy. Doctor. Dr pregnant to me, if you're saying it that way the way that seem that scene had my favorite thing that it which is I think my wife is cheating on me. How do you know? Well, she's just gazing in a magazine pick, which are not even together. And like, no. She's very. Like sharing thing. It's not like all together. It's not like you. See, oh, here's a photo of them at an event. It's it's three separate photos. But our eyes are like on JK. Honestly, how insecure as a spouse you have to beat a look at that picture? Fucking shot that none of. When I see the back of a man's head. My panties. Get so fucking soaked. Okay. Wait can someone. Explain this part of the story to me because it doesn't buy into. Yes. A little bit. I think. Okay. So on the far, right? Yes. J K Simmons far, right? All right. The husband member guy. I don't know. He just weren't beats by dre made me really confused wearing headphones later. Yes. Right. So he and his wife. Yes. They in Bergen or Bergen in Bergen Bergen. Are they have a he has a family business of some sort? That is big time. J K Simmons comes in. He becomes a shareholder in their family business. He then muscles them out. Okay. He sells the land that their business is allowed. This is all four Cheon. Okay. And I believe my understanding is she might be one of the first people. She also disappears right, Geno? Here's in a way that you must presume you're meant to believe is to cast doubt on j K as the snowman killer. He's been killing since her God at that is not the case. Jason doing something else. I know he's just like a cool Perv. But is he running like, but I get that he likes to quickly go away You're with like. like what he does. That's her back that he's just like, okay? That sounds good. Just. You're the flash at one inch of her pupil, and she does not react thing..

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