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To get the ball on the plate handle unfortunately i did this this bullpens a little funky for the for the diamondbacks sort of i mean they they sort of shuffled guys around in and out of that closer spot the last few years they had fernando rodney for a season got archie bradley back there brad box burger not an easy a bat and belt sorta work that count and also pasta on gorriak is that a bath and he hit the home run in he didn't just come out there hack and he was working pitches he'd felt a couple off it actually fallen behind in the count before he flipped one over the left field wall and crushed that ball i know it's source a little bit there but he didn't get all of that paul left earth pretty quickly out in the desert bruce bochy also after the game he said brandon belt man we've been waiting for this guy to get going and he actually crooks said this during the broadcast boats he met with the team beforehand and said hey we got to do a better job getting pitches to hit you gotta get good pitches stop hacking at the slop out of the strike zone staff spit spit on that curve ball stopped going up there you can look curveball but it's look curveball just looking for a good pitch to hit a good pitch to drive he said brandon bell could not have picked a better time to come up with his one hundredth career big fly good time meet hundred home run ball ballgame two strikes picture and east i good good good tiny hit number one hundred we needed to give up to lead you know as well as we played with small's hard they made some great place they're meeting place a welding sensually and then they came back to tie the ninth it's a good one to win on the road like i said this was a big win for the giants changes the psyche a little bit for one to put you in a position now to make something out of this road trip you know you're getting some back this weekend again i said this a few minutes ago some marsha holland and cueto friday saturday sunday you'll have thai block against against that grant you tonight still out in arizona in.

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