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I'm Miriam sub twenty four degrees in Chicago under fair skies going down to a low of twenty closer to the lakefront thirteen for the low and some outlying areas be complete AccuWeather five-day forecast is coming up at first our top local story on NewsRadio WBZ m Cook County board president and mayoral candidate Toni preckwinkle released a campaign commercial that attacks city leadership for hiding the facts when it comes to the shooting death of seventeen year old Liquan McDonald mayoral candidate. And former police superintendent Garry McCarthy who was fired amid outrage in case says preckwinkle is focusing on McDonald to distract from her ties to embattled alderman, Ed Burke, being criticized by corrupt politicians, definitely a good thing. And quite obviously, she feel. Threatened hopefully threatened by me, not just threatened by the probe, which is ongoing at this point. And I'm pretty certain it's going to continue mayoral candidate Willie. Wilson says he thinks the commercial is just another example of clincal playing politics. Wsb News time nine oh. Six to Latino candidates challenging in battled alderman Edward Burke in the upcoming race for the fourteenth. Ward say they'll be combining forces community college counselor Jose Torres says he's dropping out to support. Civil engineer Tanya, Patino Burke is facing criminal charges but denies any wrongdoing and is still seeking reelection federal employees in Chicago gathered in the loop to demand an end to the government shutdown today against the cold. A few dozen federal workers had a rally and March around federal plaza in the shadow of the buildings where they hope to return sooner rather than later. Not only is it financially and emotionally stressful socially, we want to work. Florence cannon works for the. Agriculture department, and she's a union officer. She carried a sign that said this is my twentieth. Day of being locked out those first couple of days. Okay. This is gonna blow over it's not blowing over I'm about to clear out to savings accounts. That's why I'm here. So I can go to the second cover my mortgage. And my Colonel Newlyn annoy about eight thousand government workers are affected by the shutdown. Steve Miller, News Radio on one five point nine. Two.

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