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Cavanaugh, Senate, West Virginia discussed on Herman Cain


I'm Ed Torrence, news ninety six point five WDBO. Now, the Brian Kilmeade show, a news ninety six point five WDBO democrat, and we're trying to hold the majority. We appreciate his vote for judge Kavanagh's. And it was the right thing to do. But we're trying to win seats. Wow. So there it is Mitch McConnell happy to get that win. I am bread cabinet gets seated probably wouldn't it wouldn't happen with our Joe Manchin. But still he's a democrat. The pre did Senator McConnell says he's still going to work hard to get that seat Bret Baier, you know, the reality of Washington was there a deal. Do you think and welcome back from your extensive tour? Thanks, brian. You'll be back in the air today. I listen. I'd be surprised if you see credit and Trump anytime in West Virginia over the next four weeks. He's going to be campaigning for Patrick see. I don't know that there was a deal signed or deal done, but of the house or the Senate seats that the president is going to visit and targets. I would bet Joe mansions vote may have protected a visit there to West Virginia. I mean, the real clear average has him up eight that could have dissipated right away. If that candidacy it failed, and he voted the other way, don't you think he would have been in jeopardy? Place like West Virginia. Yeah. In the tavern on numbers came in high towards towards cabin on. I think you're seeing that in other states. I mean, you've got Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota. Joe Donnelly in Indiana, Jon tester in Montana, all of those the numbers are upside down when it comes to their vote. No on Kevin interesting. So the chaos that ensued. Jonathan Turley was just on with us. He has I'm worried at tomorrow's his first-hand bench. They're gonna break tradition and have protests there. Yeah. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised. I mean, it's just a lot of passion. It's a lot of anger. If anything it seems like it's increase tinderbox. But you know, and then there's the whole question of whether Democrats would own impeachment of Cavanaugh. I mean talk of that moving forward. Sheldon Whitehouse threatened it before the the hearings were over and listen to congress congressman Naegler, listen to what he said, this has got to be thoroughly investigated. I hope the Senate will do. So if he is on the supreme court, and and the Senate hasn't investigated, then I then the house will have to really. So that's what that's how he plans taking the house. Do you think that energizes the the base of the Democrats, but a lot of people want no part of this? They don't want it. Well, part of Trump impeachment is something agree. Just happens. Then want to see this guy apiece. Is it puts the whole country through L. Yeah. I mean. There are two sides to the motivating factor here. I mean, the numbers show that. There's a large percentage who felt like Cavanaugh got got railroad. And the process itself was one that was very political. But on the last it is very motivating to figure out a way to either impeach him or continue to talk about him and fundraise off of the cavenaugh appointment to the supreme court so bread I want you to hear what the president just said before he got on Air Force One. He's going to be heading Orlando today. He was asked about Democrats talking about impeaching. Let's hear that the American.

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Cavanaugh, Senate, West Virginia discussed on Herman Cain

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