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The the impact of technology is prompting businesses to rethink everything from marketing to customer service. But what does the business landscape of the future actually look like find out when we return to the transformation minute from comcast business. This is your techniques breathing for Tuesday December. KNBR THIRTY I. I'm Qatari. Yokum from the Wall Street Journal in New York. It's New Year's Eve and here in the New York Bureau of the Wall Street Journal. We're just blocks away from the spectacle in the city city and from one of the most iconic parts of the celebration the Times Square ball the ball that drops at midnight to celebrate this momentous occasion in our Jr Waylon is going to take us behind the scenes and behind the technology that makes that ball drop. That's coming up after the break. Welcome back to the transformation minute from comcast business. How will the business landscape of the future look different from where we are today? We have to need hasty as VP of comcast business. There's been a major paradigm shift across all industries in banking expect to see virtual financial experts for financial consulting planning. They'll be communicating with with their customers via video at the same time. Authentication will likely evolved to use biometrics. Passwords may actually become a thing of the past. Aw at New Year's Eve parties around the world this evening you'll be handed a glass of champagne. You'll be wished well in the New Year and what makes it's the evening complete is seeing the ball drop atop Times Square. Who Better to talk to is the man behind the ball in Times Square? Tom Brennan of Waterford Crystal Tom. Thanks for being with us. How long does it take every year to get the ball? Ready for the drop on New Year's Eve is there is such a team of people behind us. We've got the marketeers. We've got the craftsman back in Ireland or the European facilities a glass door but actually make this actually designed this and it is an annual collaboration. Really never stops what happens right now. We're getting ready for the big the big buildup for Times Square. The ball drops each year. It is the most watch brown on the planet for that moment in Time New Year's eve and then we basically start the process. All over we take a day or two off we regroup. We start all over so it was an annual process. It never ever stops each one of those Waterford Crystal Triangles on the ball. Are they handcrafted. Yes I was twelve thousand pounds in weight with this two thousand six hundred and eight crystal panels and there are an element of handcraft with with the technology the technology but yet we have backing award from a European facility so it is quite a process to get this perfect speaking of technology. It's the light show on the ball that's made it so unique in the past couple of years it is a remarkable feat. What really is? This is the seventh incarnation of Times Square Ball. Drop so basically back in one thousand nine hundred were the first celebration in New York back in. Nineteen O oh seven was the actual force ball. Drop what we're looking at here. Today is the seventh incarnation but we work with brought this to life is back in two thousand and seven with the basically the technology the led was we wrote to bring award for Christa. Basically your life because once. You're looking at twenty six hundred or so Waterford Crystal triangles behind that you've got thirty two thousand. He's generating over sixteen million light parents. So you're right in your assumption really has brought to life in the last number of years. It's quite a bit of electricity. It's I think the electric bill could be a little bit high in January anyway. But let's worry about it then right so as far as Waterford Crystal goes is. Is this the most ambitious technology project every year it is. I mean we are part of just give you a little background about us so when you think of what everything that Waterford Crystal is associated with with celebration with success celebrating presenting God trophies to atheletes elites in various tournaments around the world for really what you're looking at right. Here is our crowning jewel that encompasses everything that water for the supposed to be because it really is a celebration eleboration of our success. We are an Irish heritage brand dating back two hundred and thirty six years but this is the pinnacle of our action. Look no doubt about that a piece of crystal like this with its history and its stature requires a lot of care when it goes up the pole down the pole at midnight. How does that happen? Basically there is a machine behind. Hi this is like the wizard of Oz is a huge hydraulic power system. That basically drives. That's remember the way that is six tons in weight and six tons in weight going up the way not coming down the way so you can feel the cables here all around us that Dr Dot Technology some six tons of weight is about twelve thousand pounds. So it's quite a feat of engineering to make that go up and then come back down as the ball drops. I mean when you think about it. We can't get this wrong. We've got one point. Two billion people watching this we have to get it right but it is about the celebration. It is about the moment moment. That's what it's all about for me and for Waterford from my vantage point on watching television every year. It seems like it's perfect every year. It is because I can tell you right now. That the testing of everything. Everything is meticulous. It goes on for months and months obviously this afternoon testing the hydraulics. Were not testing the hydraulics for testing the lighting's daily behind behind testing on the sequencing to make sure that everything goes in perfect unison. So even right now as we're talking in this people around testing when I'm behind the scenes because this is something that we have to get perfect every time. Tell me about the small piece of space. We are on the top of this building up with the ball right here. Being watched by more than a billion people says a lot about a unity in the world it is. I mean it is I. I'm glad you said that because when you think of what happens to our calendar year one moment that everybody stops for a second is New Year's Eve because what happens is when new Ziv starts when the countdown begins in the New Year comes in tomorrow where you're on the world no matter what time difference that you're in you're celebrating with your loved ones you pull your loved ones close. Give them a kiss. You give them a hug. You're making New Year's resolution you decide to do something you say. I'm going to go to the gym. I go on vacation. You start something new. And that's what new New Year's Eve is. It's it's a new. It's a new page the next day but this year is very different because it not just a new year to brand new decade thinking about that. That's very unique. The average person lives to be eighty nine hundred years of age. We only see eight or nine decades in our lifetime so the first of January. This is a very unique time. We're hoping that everybody can take that message of goodwill This year and just bring it forward make it happen and look for the good in every situation because there's always good there sometimes. We don't always see what happens to the crystals after January first basically the time uh-huh scoreboard behind. This never comes in that stays out all whether there's no you know what the searing heat can be like New York in the summertime. It can be up to one hundred one hundred and five hundred ten degrees. You know what in the wintertime it can be negative authority in more. The christobal never gets covered crystal. Never gets taken into what you're seeing right there that will that will give you an idea of the strength of Krista of how doable and how useful it is because it stays out all year round. It's not always in. Its position right now. In his resting position we call it but we never take it in. We never cover it up all right. That's Tom Brennan of Waterford for crystal joining us. Tom Thanks for coming on the show. Thanks for having me guys anytime. And that was your techniques briefing. Im Qatari Yoga Street Journal. Quick note we won't be on the air tomorrow but we'll be back on Thursday. Thanks for listening and happy New Year..

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