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Patrick mahomes is ready to play skip i don't like this move i don't know what kirk because of the two daniel snyder or or bruce alan but this doesn't make sense to me you wouldn't give kirklands 65 million guaranteed a hundred million basically a 20milliondollar your own bad fiveyear deal but you're just gave alec smith who turned thirty four in about five or six months 71 guaranteed skip this makes no sense to me but his washington eight explains alive they have had their problems picking quarterbacks in the past they had their problem with donovan mcnabb that did not work out no traded off the sun in the moon to trade up for our g three in it really worked out for one year and then it didn't work out as an alltime collapse bust after that i'm gonna speak first do you mr scharping as a long time cowboy fan a lifelong cowboy fan i fear alex smith much more than i fear kirk cousins or as his gm called him kurt cousins the reason i fear alex smith is he's a much better kirk cousins and he has rounded into an all around quarterback later in his life the longer he's played the better he's gotten and i gotta tell you these last two years albeit under andy reid two legion guidance and playcalling made the probowl two straight years kirk cousins ninety pro bowl no okay but but again is is he is he that guy is is he is he a franchise face of the franchise quarterback in again alex smith has a stigma on him but the more i look the better gets said alex smith because this year he set career highs and passing yards touchdowns yards per attempt and here's the key he led the national football league with nine fifty plus yard completions that's extraordinary because the guy you've called check down alex is bombs away alex now jabhat he throwing the ball to tyree he'll for fiveyard entire review of rape and sometimes their bomb travis kelsea okay but travis calcium by the way if travis kelsea hadn't got hurt in the second quarter of the playoff game in kansas city against tennessee i'm pretty sure alec smith would have gotten to go back to the scene of his quote unquote crime on opening thursday night did he not throw a party on tom brady up there he did and he was the.

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