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Launched just before the holiday season, I had no money left for marketing or anything, and we were staying in a little hotel that we done a deal with and all we had was empty bags on black ribbon said how much money do we have to PR? And he said nothing as we'll how we what am I supposed to do? And he said tell your story. And he looks vaccines, and we got bags and say Saudi to pack them up with a black rim runs at it. What you doing? I said there's nothing in them. A no one else knows that. So we sent a hundred bags out into the streets with empts nothing in them. And of course, by the time, we launched him Bergdorf Goodman, and we'd go two hundred friends to help me everyone. You had seen the brand because strangers were carrying these bags. Yeah. When you when you see something that's different and you suddenly cloak it. Then you see again is not a third of the fourth time that somebody thinks I've read about that. I've seen that where is it and they'll seek to find it. And that's what that's what we did. By the way. I this is non sequitur but shame on me at. I thought Joe Malone was a man, and it wasn't until my nanny who worked for Jo Malone in in Ireland part time when that she told me, no, in fact, it's it's it's a woman to get that a lot. Have you heard that sometimes I do? But there's there's a really funny moment way way way back and this whole cut short of Japanese tourists arrived shop and in Germany, and they walked into the shop, and Gary was standing there. Here husband my husband. He was sending hold of products. And then at the end they said that you're such a clever. Boy, Joe Malone, can we have a picture, and he stood outside the shop with every single one of these Japanese resin had he's paycheck on and so on that day, Jamie. Was a man. Why didn't he why didn't he let them know? I don't know. You'll have to ask him that question. It was we will we'd love to and they they didn't want me in the picture. So that was up see fine. But the the rest of the time frame, Eliza woman new sold the company to Estee Lauder in nineteen ninety nine today approach you how did that happen? They walked into my store so Pamela Baxter who my very different still today. She came in. I wouldn't have known how to contact anyone gonna be on it. So I was just there in the show up, and they came in product put the card on the table and said, we'd like to talk. So I flew out here in the you know, when you had that big blizzard here in New York it was that weekend. We were the lost plane down in JFK. And we went and had a meeting in the building by that point. We were running out of money to further the brand though it was making money. It would you know in order to expand and distribution you need more funding. But it wasn't until I met the amazing Mr. Leonard Lauder that we started to have. Sations? I was looking for three things I was looking for money. Deep pockets. I was looking for distribution somebody that understood different. Territories. And I was looking for someone that loved the industry, and I found will three with him. Yeah. And he's very hands on with his acquisitions did he come to the store and London or? Yeah. He came. He actually when we sold and we announced it team. He came in breakfast with my team, and we were cooking bacon sandwiches, which is very traditional British thing to do we settle the fire alarm. So the fire engines arrived in slant straight, and he was about to comes fake. It was he he's just amazing, man. I love him dearly. What's another example of of his goodness side? They saved my life. I mean, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer Ettlin order was the first person I called, and I was really scared. So without that amazing couple..

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