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Good morning. It's 8 38 traffic and weather on the AIDS Now with Rita counselor in the traffic center. Well, it's certainly got messy on the Baltimore Washington Parkway in both directions between 1 98 and Greenbelt South found the delay is after 1 98 to powder Mill Road. This is the broken down vehicle, the tow truck and police behind it. In the left lane, northbound side delays out of greenbelt to powder Mill Road where there are a bunch of vehicles now sitting in the left lane, possibly a reaction to a rubbernecking delay on the Beltway inner Loop slows passing Route one in college park off of I 95 out early delays coming from 95 around toward Georgia Avenue. The problems on to 70 South beyond slowing, approaching and passing Father, Hurley Boulevard and again as you approach Montgomery Village Avenue, then your delays are before 28 northbound trying to head the 2 70 spur at the point where the lanes divide in the lanes that go to the spur. There was a wreck along the left side. North Beach until 70 near Montrose Road was a report of Iraq and that's already seeing delays there. Approaching the scene and westbound 3 73 55. The crash on the left side is having those delays building as well. Inbound Clara Barton Parkway Watch for the delays headed to delight at the chain bridge. The traffic light continues to short time in Virginia on eastbound 66 between 29 28 in Centerville. There had been a broken down tractor trailer along the right side off and on volume out of Manassas than the delay coming from Route 50 near 1 23. There was a broken down vehicle on the left. The car is gone. Vegan is picking up the cone so that left Lane should be opened shortly after that, it looks good to the Beltway 95 in Virginia. Delays are easing North, about a little heavy getting into dumb freeze. Watch for any crash activity volume passing the Prince William Parkway and in Newington north Beyond 3 95 slows near the Pentagon headed across the 14th Street Bridge and the case Bridge onto the freeway toward Main Avenue. Westbound delays are before South Capitol Street headed toward the case. Bridges well with nothing reported in South Bend, EC 2 95. The delays come Off of route 50 and the BW Parkway toward East Capitol Street. Right now, it's Ashley Homestore's Black Friday in July, the greatest sale event for summer with all the Black Friday savings you count on, say, 55 per cent store. Why did Ashley Home Store I'm Rita Kessler. W T o P Traffic and look at the forecast with Mike's Jennifer look for an increase in cloud coverage today and of the hot, muggy day. Thunderstorms are coming likely by mid afternoon as some of these storms could be severe wind damage the main threat. Also, there could be some heavy rain.

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