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We get ready for next year. Well, there it is. Get ready for next year. I'll be interested to see you know. Can you just wave the wand? Bring back Kyrie Harden and Durant. I guess the answer is Yeah. So I don't know the answer to that will be awesome. They will be awesome. But will they stay health? Well, they say healthy. They're all getting older now. Right? And they're starting to break. No sure things, man. No guarantees anywhere. I'd say the same about the Warriors. You know, Kim can step in those guys can play stay healthy next year to countryman Stay healthy next year. Meanwhile, Oh, I did Judge blog on Thursday before our Juneteenth holiday and I, just after Lamelo won the rookie of the year seemed to get more traffic than usual. I said Deep With Lamelo winning rookie year. Do you have any Wiseman regret? I said, I'm not necessarily going to go there. I'm just rolling it out there and then people reacted. Pretty firmly on both sides or some people saying Absolutely, I have wives regret other people saying absolutely not even kind of feel more like that. I'm not ready to write off Wiseman at all. Let's see how he does next year with the season of expel a partial season of experience under his belt, having Klay Thompson out there is going to only benefit the entire offensive, you know, production, so I'm not I'm not going to white it right off Wiseman at all. Let's see where he is regrets. A hell of a word. Yeah. Nice little melancholy tune by new order regret. It was just kind of like new orders kind of king of melancholy. Would you rather have regrets our mistakes? Well, quick. No question. Regrets are tough as Freddie Mercury goes R and bad mistakes. I've made a few. And then, uh, Frank Sinatra says, uh, regrets. Yeah, I've had a few see what I mean and again too few to ensure the great vocalist, talking mistakes and regrets lives a life that's full. Keep coming. And seeing it's actually sounds good sounds good weather, isn't it anyway? Um, I'd rather have mistakes than regrets. Yeah, Regrets are tough. Regrets it to me is more about stuff You didn't do like I should have done this. I should have done that regret. At least you did something. You made a mistake. The two things I regret a new order Melancholy early nineties be one of my favorite lines on the TV show mash. They're all in the mess hall just eating and it's like an opening scene and you hear radar on the loud speaker saying, Don't Fricka. Tonight is movie night in the mess tent. Tonight's film is an instructional film on the perils of venereal disease title is Hansel and regrettable, Just like just a great Maybe when I was a kid, I was like, I'm going to remember that one. So one of my biggest regret Spider Henry Gretel Spider, You'll appreciate this one. I got nothing to defend myself on, but I'll admit this on the air. It's a big regret of mind turning down an opportunity to see Steve Raven and Jeff Beck on the same bill, and I'm like, No, I'm good. I don't need to see that. I thought I'd have more to who knew though. I didn't know Stevie's life was going to get stuff. You and rags have your regrets list, right? No, I'm good. Remember that? No. Thanks. List. I'll dazzle you with my No, thanks. Of course. Hardcore listeners of the show. No, this is where I tell the story about turning down for dugout tickets to Danny Martinez. Perfect game at Dodger Stadium in 19, Right right here. El Presidente el Perfecto like No, I'm good. I was 15 miles away. I gotta go grab Mrs Fields. Yeah. Mall with my girlfriend who also broke my heart later on where she did break number three. Or she didn't want to be with my girl and an orange Julius. I'm good. Stumbling across her diary and reading about how she was making out with all these guys. Nice. How about that? Very nice. That was a tough wonder. Were you in the diary? I hope there was an injury about my boy. I wasn't the guys. I wasn't the guy. She was right now writes about the make out to buy the machine today. I made out Wow. You know what I mean? Is there not Murph, though it was like you shouldn't have left it out on the counter because I was gonna read. I'll tell you, man, it's tough. It's the sensitivity of a Murphy and a Mac. You get your hard pressed anyway, Here's Janice and after he beats Kevin Durant is my boy Now, Yannis I'm riding with John is still the best in the world. I said a couple days ago. He's the best player in the world is still the best pleasure. The world and we know coming into this series that we had to do it as a team. You know, we have to guard them as a team, but to defend the whole team as a team. We have to.

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