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The winner of that right now. He's good buddies with Danny Jacobs. But he would fight him because there's money and glory there. But he really wants to play with Cannella Alvarez Alvarez. If you really is true serious about wanting the four title to become undisputed. There's never been a Mexican undisputed champion of the four belt era that would be a huge feather in his cap sort of the way he went up to try to grab that super middleweight belt Dmitri's Andrea, and I wrote this yesterday he's gonna fight June twenty ninth at home in providence for the first time in his career against quality contender name Celeski from Poland whose only loss was a very close decision against any Jacobs a couple of years ago. And so there's a possibility that can ELO because he has no love for triple j they have a bad blood these days after all this stuff that went down with the bad drug test. He made, you know, kind of you know, give you the finger soda speaking. Maybe go by Dmitri's Andre for the opportunity. The undisputed champion. So I think that is a possibility with where would that leave triple g of canola doesn't wanna fight him that won't be triple gene, you know, looking for the next best available guy. You know, it's not out of the realm of possibility. Again, if triple g and canola don't fight the third time, but Danny Jacobson him have a good fight on Saturday. And it's a close competitive fight. I don't know if there's a reason why we wouldn't necessarily see a rematch between Golovkin and Jacobsz. They put on a great fight in two thousand seventeen and wouldn't be necessarily for that stakes that there were the first time around, you know, with world titles at stake etcetera. But it's still a very attractive matchup is gonna come down to see the folks that zone who signed all these guys Dmitri's Andre does with them. Also, they're gonna have some input in one fights get me. And you know, the promoters are gonna sit down and talk about it. But you know, triple Jeep on his own as a star in. This sport is going to have the ability to lure other guys into the ring. Because only one guy can fight yellow at a time. And the guy that doesn't get to kill a lottery ticket can maybe get the consolation prize and fight Golovin race. So right. He was ESPN radio ES. ESPN is let's get into a broader discussion about boxing before. I let you get on outta here, Dan because nobody's more. No more qualified to discuss the subject than you. I'd like to know with HBO stepping out of the boxing business with Bob Arum for top ranked calling out out aiming after Terence Crawford, you know, won his fight against Amir, Khan, etc. When Amir Khan quit as far as I'm concerned. I would ask you this question. How are you feeling about the state of boxing now compared to how you felt about five years ago ten years ago? I think it's a better spot now because there's a there's more attention on it. There's more. Platforms that are investing large amounts of money. Whether it's the amount of money that he has pianist paying and writes, these top rank over the course of what was originally got four year deal that was torn up after one year and turned into like seven or eight year deal, plus all the massive investment. They've made the bring events from four boxing both hovering fights as well as overseas fights, the top rank, you know, buys rights to to put on ESPN. Plus, so that's that's huge for the sport. You have the investment from FOX in the PBC platform. They're showing fights on free national television. You know, Saturday nights at eight o'clock, roughly once a month, not to mention their cable by center of.

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