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Local school officials are trying to keep Children safe in a pandemic while their governor picks a fight with them and even threatens their salaries or their jobs. Talk about bullying in schools if they will not help. These governors won't help us speak to pandemic. I'll use my powers President get them out of the way. The Department of Education has already begun to take legal action against states undermining protection. Local school officials have ordered Any teacher or school officials whose pays with hell for doing the right thing. We will have that pay restored by the federal government. 100%, Republican leaders and union chiefs to said it went too far. In fact. Several Republican and the Republican National Committee focused on the order that companies with 100 workers or more require vaccines are weekly testing, calling it unconstitutional and dictatorial overreach. Several of them threatened legal action. Supporters said bits about time now the president is also expanding testing and cracking down on unruly travelers who cause disturbances on federal flights. Tonight. I'm announcing That the Transportation Safety Administration, the PSA Will double the fines on travelers that refused to mask If you break the rules Be prepared to pay. And by the way, show some respect the president, noting that the vaccine mandates follow the lead of several large companies, including WalMart and CVS, the president also pointing out Fox News requires it. And the number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits fell sharply last week to 310,000. That's a pandemic low and a sign that the surge in Covid 19 cases caused by Delta has yet to lead to widespread layoffs. Thursday's report from Labour showed jobless claims dropped from a revised total of 345,000 the week prior to the number of applications has fallen steadily since topping 900,000 in early January. Reflecting the steady reopening of the economy. Democrats are starting to push plans for providing paid family and medical leave that easing climate change and bolstering education through House committees. It's a drive in which Democrats are battling Republicans and themselves over the president's $3.5 trillion spending plan. Five panels were working on their slices of the 10 year pie. It's the early steps and what looms as a front autumn for Democrats are hoping to enact a remarkable remarkable Range of major policy changes. They face solid Republican opposition and internal divisions among progressives and moderates. They can only lose a handful of votes in Congress. If They are to prevail. The U. S and Mexico have restarted high level economic talks after a four year pause as top advisers to President Joe Biden and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador expressed eagerness to make headway on issues important to them. The talks were launched in 2013 but halted under President Trump's attempt to change the trade relationship with Mexico. Vice President Kamala Harris resumed the talks on Thursday morning. We know that our world is also more interconnected and more interdependent. Than ever before, again highlighting the importance of the partnership and the relationship between the United States and Mexico. Mexico's our closest neighbor, Canada as well and a strategic partner and one of our most important economic relationships, Mexico's economic stability. Is in the interests of the United States. This dialogue.

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