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When you're in the league five ten years wise practice, so important isn't so much of it timing knowing receivers that relations. That's exactly why it's important because every week that timing is different because you're running different stuff your game planning for specific opponent. So some opponents play a boatload of man coverage. So I wanna run those I wanna run my man beaters some play a lot more zone coverage depending on where you are on the field. So now all sudden have these zone beating routes, you know, if I'm in a cover two got I'm running some type of flat flat sale combination. And that takes timing that takes work, and that takes that takes practice and Geno referring Zampa for you. You've been television ten plus years, very high level, but your rhythms are different if sees not here, and while you you've been here ten years. Those DJ more have been in the. League to fourteen weeks. Same you'll been the league a year and fourteen weeks same with Christian McCaffrey, guess it's one of the reasons Greg Olson's loss has been a big one because that is one guy that can probably even absent of practice has a bit of a real thick. But I I one of the things that I think is should not be missed here in you alluded to it earlier sees Cam for a long time in his career. His play was part of the discussion around him. But also how he handled himself in those settings. Yeah. It was part of this question. And it was a big negative part of the discussion. Cam Newton has gone out of his way to not use the injuries as an excuse or as an explanation last night. He I think finally for the first time was saying, hey, there is a bit of an explanation here. But I know I'm out there. He is handling what has to be as frustrating of a scenario as one can imagine like an absolute pro through eleven weeks of the year. He was completing seventy one of his passes had twenty two touchdowns seven picks quarterback rating near one hundred over the. Three weeks. He's got a quarterback rating in the sixties. He's got six more interceptions. Only two touchdowns. And he's completing around fifty five percent of sixty percent of his passes. Pardon me. Like, the whatever I think he was dealing with the shoulder injury from the beginning of the year, but it has gotten much worse over the course of the year. What happens when you can't practice, and you can't practice? It quarterback is typically in practice if you have a tight in Greg Olson, he's going against the scout team linebacker so the speed. And then -ticipant the skill level of that scout team guy that linebacker inet corner is totally different than what Cam seeing in the game. Now, you play against someone like the same tad last night as fast as they were moving. It's a different game. So not only the practice. How important it becomes man? Practice. Always going to be important, man. I love Alan Iverson. But when he said that man that was one of the dumbest things ever, especially referring to NFL because everything you only play a few games. You're. Practicing five days a week and that overall timing and not being able to do it in. It's like you teaching a class full of students. Every student has a different beat has a different rhythm every wide receiver every tied in every running back has a different beat has a different rhythm has different gate to which they run to in which they're going to stop at..

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