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There's gonna be tons of stuff. You're gonna wanna watch you know. The adults are gonna wanna watch when you're watching it there stuff for the keno. The kids are gonna want to be on the things that we get. You'll get lost just rewatching pixar re watching the disney movies. We're watching old disney stuff. You forgot about re watching <hes> the star wars clone wars or whatever and then of course the new stuff. That's gonna drop with <hes> you know. All these disney plus live action marvel stuff which i feel like these marvel shows are kind of like you know what not gonna give you all your own movie but we're give your own high quality streaming show because they don't feel like they don't want to other than black widow movie. They really wanna move past where they were within game. That's why i think four four so crazy because it's like the one main character that's getting a fourth film so but it's going to be kind of a chain up and then like you know all the other ones kind of filtering like doctor strange black panther but we're we're supposed to be kind of moving into a new direction with the m._c. You in game really was like that. The felt her watched in game or you could just end it here field. I mean that's how that's how they like. They have a delayed for for some people. Yeah i mean they. They have to rebuild the m._c. Basically your core vendors are pretty much all done yeah. It's all your second tier. New people have to reform the group so anyways that's different pennyworth worth cool but this episode like honestly i'd almost want to like if i was watching this show from the beginning benji out skip this one. I mean it's kind of interesting. Watch him. Cut the hand. It was so quick i do but just admitted that the witch said you know britain left-hand number murderer like arose. I'm just like oh. Someone's getting their hand. Cut off to today in college. Got pulled out the michelle's like oh. Is this guy. This guy is dead. Who but that's it's one of those things happen then but not a lot to like. We speculate forever about what happened at house but there's no clues like was it. A purgatory roy is jason really there did jason kill as may why did alfred thank his captain did it in like so i missed the little part. We're like the dialogue where he talks to the boys about the captain. They show up and find a note so are they saying the captain really did killer. That's weird. I mean just to set up another mystery but yeah i'm s- i'm still obsessed with like alistair. Crowley quote unquote is like dr hurt. That's great things like in batman or he like he seemed to know like like the you know like thomas and martha and alfred and stuff because he's even claiming that me thomas wayne come back for a while because his you know is a call alfred my wife or cheat on you know we did see that would make sense if you wanna tie into overarching larger roger mythology so that's what got all right sexual get out of here. Let's get outta here alright right all right so just remember people next week. No nah like i said i guess they're off for a world. I wanna say labor day. They're off so we'll look for us to look for the t._v. Show back in two weeks all of us back fighting for clean right right right i so when i was like i feel myself slipping in like like a british accent <unk> no yeah after i'm dead watching it like his <unk>. I gotta watch with the caption this love some of the british slayings quips and stuff that i would miss <unk> listening for it. You know like walking around the house. Your wife is like right low <unk> right. I'll give it a go. That's right so <hes> so you have an extra week. <hes> everyone listening especially you mr james cole ketchup.

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