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Depend on from ABC news. I'm Michelle Franzen. The Vatican has different the first ever cardinal over sex abuse scandal, dating back decades ABC's. Megan Williams is in Rome has announced it has expelled from the priesthood. Former cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the move comes in the wake of multiple allegations of sexual assault including that of minors. The McCarrick was one of the most powerful Catholic leaders in the US as archbishop of Newark, then of Washington DC in the early two thousands. The announcement comes just days ahead of a meeting here in Rome of dozens of top bishops from around the world on the sex abuse crisis observers, say the pope wants to show the is serious about zero tolerance of sex abuse. Even for bishops and cardinals. Megan Williams, ABC news, Rome, a second partial government, shutdown was averted. But now Democrats are vowing to legally challenge the president's declaration of a national emergency ABC's areas in West Palm Beach, Florida. I passed a spending Bill Thursday granting only one point four billion dollars for border barriers far below the president's demand. And a five point six billion dollars for a wall along the Mexican border trum, bypassing congress to tap into up to eight billion dollars three point six billion will come from the Pentagon, another two point five billion from the department of defense and six hundred million from the treasury department all combined with the additional one point three seven billion dollars allotted from the spending Bill police in Chicago releasing two men who were arrested and questioned about the alleged by its attack on empire's star jussie smollet Chicago police confirming the message at the center of the investigation into the alleged attack on empire,.

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