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Not going anywhere in a three way trade and Brandon Nimmo and Ahmed Rosario and all the other young players Mets fans that were rumored to be involved in trades or probably staying as Mets or at least for the time being to talk about that we bring in Mike Vaccaro from the near post does an excellent job columnists there. Mike, welcome to the program. Hey, I'm doing well, my friend. So let's start off you have available right now on the near post website. I'm assuming for tomorrow's paper. You have a column called the real winners of Mets landing Wilson Ramos as their catcher, you it says. The real winners are Mets fans. Explain. Well, you know, I it was kinda funny. Oh. For also. You know, kind of in conducting a social experimental a couple of weeks. He wouldn't he wouldn't call it that he would call trying to get better. And that's of course, what it is. But by doing so dangling names that really kind of. Fears all the strong of a word, but you know, relatively speaking to to sports is I mean guards are very popular player to keep the guy that people I think. Good morning what he could be opposed to what he spent a Louise had his moments. I think people kind of a series ultimately going to have a year like Jacob degrom live last year. And I think there's a lot of fear that you know, once you once you trade him that will guarantee that he has your for the next game. He plays. Especially if the Mets fans will worried that they could just see him in pinstripes, and that he would have that great year and with a social media presence. And all of that that he would be like star of stars as for the Yankees. Sure. Really? I don't think it worries but. It's a hard thing for the Mets general manager. Yeah, I've always sort of deal with the Yankees when we clearly you can help both teams, but you know, the ideal situation, you know, free trade is at a trade helps both teams. Well, given how far along the Yankees are relative Jafaar on the Mets. They could have made this trade. Both teams could have been vastly improved over last year by making the trade, and what that means that you have to match win ninety games and maybe the wild card and the Yankees win the World Series. That's a kind of a hard thing for any Mets general manager to to have his resume that he'll put the over the top force. I think that trading. Jay, Bruce might have made it a little sense a few years ago. But so I hear your point on on Syndergaard who was a popular player. I'll tell you the conversation amongst my family was maybe two years of control of J JT rail Muto, maybe he'll go to a team like the dodgers, and he'll be an MVP and lead them to the World Series. And maybe I'm being a rational here. But I flat out really enjoy watching. Brandon Nimmo play baseball even beyond the plus and all this sabermetrics arguments. I can make for a player like Nimmo. I just enjoy watching the guy play. You know, what I think that that's part of the part of the cell is that. Thank you. Michener's work exactly in love with their team last year. But he really did seem to grow an affinity for peace team. I mean, you know, it really was like people are gonna start having privileges perpetrate a couple of weeks ago. When I thought that by Jeff McDougal might be part of the casino trade, very popular player. Like, you said anybody people are really invested in Michael Conforto. Really? Thank you. He's on the verge of breakout year area who had struggles last year. Sure enough in the second half. I think really excited about what do you could make the whole of their team might not have been really pleased last year. But there are parts of the team that I think there are segments the fan base really enjoyed number more show than Syndergaard. But there's other players who just talked about are also people guys, but people are really excited about it. I think that that's one of the things that really kinda hinder people getting really on board with JT real. Who is a very good catcher is clearly the best catcher Vale is he better catcher. Well, we'll survey bus only cost the money, and and real motive cost at least one of those players and other things also, and certainly but the Marlins are trying to get kids ranch a fan. I think that's what makes much fans in the morning. Maybe a little this little happier. Knowing that these players weren't ready to make a better me where yesterday, and it didn't cost these players talking to my Vaccaro from the New York Post. And so what did we learn with this move about the Mets general manager is because I actually thought Brodie was going to aggressively. This is a player that was one of his former clients and that he was excited about I thought he was going to go forward with the trade. What did we learn that? He instead goes the route of paying for a free agent, or they would it tells you that he did he definitely is aggressive, but not recklessly. So I think it was of the Marlins. Certainly want to get as much as they can for real Lucho. Certainly in the wake of not really getting a lot for basically trading their entire outfield last year for for spare parts, and I think it's pretty clear from the start that they were going to make it very difficult for a team to make that trade. I mean for the same reason the Mets have coaches about the Yankees Marlins. Cavs have the same kind of problems with dealing with the Phillies the national phrase. And so I think that it was clear that they were they wanted to extract as much they could from any of those teams included. And I think that Brody finally reached the point where you realized that as good as real is. And as much as he would bring to the team next year. You know, he's talked about not wanting to create one hole and filling the other. And I think he realized that ultimately the kind of talent they were demanding would have been causing more problems in the. The president's would've solved now might the offensive potential of Wilson Rama's when he's healthy. He might be the best offensive catcher of all the guys who were potentially available. But the key words there, of course, when he's healthy. So how did you feel about the Mets signing Wilson Ramos as opposed to? Let's say yes, Monte Grondahl who was certainly available. But also does come with because of the qualifying offer comes with some compensation as part of it. Yeah. I think Dallas great player. I also think anybody else did that the dodgers were not hesitant of sitting down for various reasons during the postseason. I'm not saying that's why did they stay away from a player like that? But it certainly raise a red flag. And look I mean Ramos. You said he's a guy who had a hard time staying healthy for long periods of time. And when you're talking about it, Mitch. That likely will be him and Travis d'arno next year. He goes to catchers with a with a. With a spotty history being able to give me one hundred ten games every year. So. You're going to need to get bubble wrap. I think. Both guys up, you know, or and Thomas Neto or Polaski or somebody's going to have to catch some games or solve everybody's problems. Maybe had the beloved Jeff McNeill learned how to play catch. But I mean, social, look, I mean, I I do think that that that that wanted to compare the Marlins going to one abstract kind of a king's ransom Intel, and I I do think for the match it was spending money. Now, you could certainly have the argument which catcher is better, which catch your eye is more valuable grand del wanted four years, and that's able to get everybody Ramos for two option. And like you said, I mean, it would have cost them not only a draft pick. But it all of cost them international signing money and teams are increasingly increasingly looking at that pool of money is goal. So there know the argument made terms of just pure talent of players, but I do think once you make the decision that you're not gonna trade you had to go with one or the other. And I don't think much fantasy mess us on the cheap. A lifetime against them. And it always seemed like every pitcher. They want against him. So. If you're you're definitely getting a qualified player. All star talking to Michael Kara from the near post about the baseball hot stove, let certain the Yankees and so- rumor out there is the Yankees are going to be meeting with Manny Machado this week maybe Wednesday, and if you were the person evaluating and the Yankees have said, they're an ask him about this not hustling comment that he made during the baseball postseason. How much would that come it bother you? If you were looking to sign Manny Machado, who would you would bother me. But you're the Yankees have seen many Machado nineteen times a year for six years. They know exactly the player. He is. They also know that the two hundred nine they they have. Knowing their team, and has no that discussion just got a blood over to queens. I mean Robertson didn't exactly Rampal either. I get it that you don't want those. You don't wanna player to play that way. You don't want to way almost take pride playing that way. I think I think at this point Manny Machado knows tried by being quite as honest as you was back in October. But all of that said, I mean what you're doing. You're looking you many Machado. Looking brings to you. You know in in terms of talent and its ability over one hundred sixty two games to me. I mean, it's it's I feel like I was saying Bryce Harper. I I think Machado is a better player just point in their career. Might have a higher ceiling for down the road. But. Four. Who the Yankees are? And I realized they were very right handed team. And it seemed like a watch every Machado win. But he's such a good player. And he's such a more key player that it seems like he would sit right in Brian Cashman was I guess jokingly, but maybe not referring to the Yankees and saying the death star is is fully operational. So is this a sign do you expect? Then that this is this is Brian Cashman telling us, it's likely that the keys are going to do one of those aggressive bidding Yankee, thanks to get Machado. Well, I think it's one of those the pitch Brian Cashman kind of a Koi, and I don't blame them for being that way. I do hope that the Yankees star has a better faith in the death star. Problems. Obviously, we know what he's talking about. He's representing the entire references. And yes. I don't think you know, look. It's not broadcasters nature to just kind of eilly Safai talented baseball players, go other places without at least run at. I definitely think they're going to make a run chart. I I still believe that it's hard. It's hard to fathom. That that Bryce Harper's going to sign someone without being given a serious opportunity to play for the because it makes so much sense for him to play there also. But I really use it makes so much sense for him to play there the Yankees. Yeah. It's not like they're sitting there with a hole in the outfield. So they don't have that. But when you so define these so much sense. Is it just that kind of that big personality? The big leftie swing is that what makes sense personality big swing? The fact that they are so overwhelmingly right handed, and I get it the way baseball is played now. Right handers look at the right field porch. Hungrily fainted players do. But he's he's just a guy who seems like he's been bred from from the beginning of his baseball career to understand what it is to be a Yankee. And I think it's legitimate. I really do. I get it. I mean, you know, I know going gonna kill the Yankees. Did they don't wanna spend a million dollars baseball players? I get that or six hundred million. Whatever it's going to cost, but I just have a hard time believing that the very least there's not gonna be a a willing of some sort..

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