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Our own sense of innocence and that just instantly makes you very vulnerable me i started crying at the at the moment where after robert kennedy's has has aided and he says you know what's what's an assassination and for whatever reasons the innocence of that question i i know what is has a nation like i've i've lived through what they are familiar with them terrified of them in some ways you know there was something about i remember what it was like before i knew that existed and i think that might be the reason he never wanted to hide behind language or obfuscation he always wanted to go directly to the core of what the thing was or what the emotion was and and you have to make yourself very vulnerable to do that and fred did so i think there's something in revisiting that voice that that really asks you to be vulnerable i think that's really healing if you could ask fred rogers question now what would it be how do you keep your hope exactly i mean it's a matter of faith knows another word for it i mean the the concept that i think he believed in the most and that he talked about a lot was the concept of grace grace being the undeserved goodness bestowed upon us by god or how we should treat each other just out of the goodness of our hearts not because it's expected or we it's a quid pro quo heathen had the greek word for for grace in his office was cherry which is the root of the word charity and said to him that was that was essentially what it was about which is you can't worry about the consequences you can't worry about what you're going to get out of it you just have to believe that if you do good other people will do good you end the film in in really powerful way which i had also seen in this commencement speech which is where he asks them to take a minute to think about someone who's love and care shaped them this is how you choose to end the film it is the last big crime moment of the film only because you end up doing it yourself i thought it would be appropriate end this interview that way only this is the radio so we go longer than ten seconds jazz music kicks in.

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