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Cool the world's largest ever protest tens of thousands of Indian farmers gathered in makeshift camps of sites on the border of the capital, New Delhi to show their opposition to new farming laws. And they have the support of millions more music kind of kind of movement, which has not been seen across the globe. The farmers say the new laws will destroy their livelihoods. But the government say that the country's agriculture is in crisis reform is long over Ju India simply has far too many farmers. There's a reason why economists and technocrats have been talking about these reforms for more than two decades on nobody has touched them. And the reason is that this is extremely risky. This'll week on the inquiry, we ask why the Indian farm protest matter doing me Kavita Puri after the news. BBC News. Hello. This is Jerry Smith, The United States Infectious diseases expert, Dr Anthony Fauci is about to address the World Health Organization, a day after President Joe Biden reversed his predecessor's decision to leave the U. N agency. Mr Biden's first elected president was to sign an executive order to tackle the Corona virus pandemic within the U. S. Here's Naomi Grimly. America has bean the W. H A s biggest donor. But the agency always said US membership was important chiefly for leadership reasons rather than the money. Bijan team says it wants to help strengthen and reform. The agency is part of this renewed engagement. It's also signaled it may consider joining Kovacs, which is the multilateral effort to get vaccines to the poorest countries in the world. The new president's first steps towards combating climate change have been welcomed at home and abroad. Another of the executive orders signed by Mr Biden returned the United States to the Paris climate accord. The U. N Secretary General Antonio Guterres praised the move, but said there was still a long way to go. The customer. Inaugural balls rolled out by the pandemic. Stars of music and screen have entertained. The U. S, with a 90 minute television spectacular, hosted by the actor Tom Hanks celebrating America included contributions from key workers who cared indicated for the country during the crisis. Scientists tracking the spread of coronavirus in England say infection levels in the community did not fall may even have risen at the start of the latest lockdown test suggests that in early generally one in every 63 people had cove in 19. His pal Oh gosh. The researchers behind the study say the test and trace figures, maybe reflecting on initial drop in cases just after Christmas, which is only now being registered on the official figures. Department of Health says that the react study does not get fully reflect the impact of the lockdown in England. But if this trend continues, say the scientists, the numbers admitted to hospital with severe covert illness will not fall in the short term, as some had hoped. Raoul has broken out between London and Brussels over the status of the used new ambassador to Britain. London is refusing to grant you unveiled are made to the diplomatic status says he's given to other ambassadors. Is James Landale. The foreign office wants to treat the EU delegation is an international organization with fewer rights and protections for its diplomats. This is unprecedented, every other EU ambassador around the world has full diplomatic status. In a lesser seen by the BBC. The EU foreign affairs chief Joseph Burrell told the foreign secretary dominant rub off his serious concerns. One EU source fit hostile countries might follow Britain's lead. World News from the BBC. British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has called on wealthier countries to support global access to Cove in 19 vaccines. Speaking in Kenya, the start of a visit to Eastern Africa, Mr Robb said supporting the International Kovacs program should be a priority. Ultimately, Kovacs is the answer to this, which is why we've put.

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