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In the seventeenth century. House ca castle was located in the kingdom of bahia also referred to as the check kingdom within the broad umbrella of the holy roman empire during the early seventeenth century. Much of the empire was embroiled. In a bitter and bloody battle as two of its major players the habsburg family and the french house of borbon battled for supremacy the resulting conflict one of the most destructive in european history would eventually last for thirty years becoming known as the thirty years war and claimed the lives of anywhere between four and a half to eight million people during the war. Many other peripheral powers withdraw into it to protect their various territories within the empire including kostovice adult. 'thus then king of sweden as a consequence. It is rumored that a swedish commander named oh tronto used his involvement in the war as an opportunity to secure castle house. Girth himself having been drawn to it by its dark. And tantalizing pathology after capturing the castle during the swedish armies raise into bahia tronto as opposed alchemist and practitioner of magic is said to have made attempts to harness. The strange energy said to be contained within the castle's walls while of toronto was staying at the castle. It is believed that his soldiers were given free rein to rape and pillage the surrounding communities in revenge while also unnerved. By the reports of strange occult experiments being carried out at the castle to local hunters assassinated the swedish commander supposedly killing him while he was in the midsts of one. Such strange experiment in the years after toronto supposed occupation the castle is thought to have fallen into severe disrepair after being restored significantly in the early nineteenth century. It began once again to draw in all manner of visitors curious to know more about the peculiar fortress on the limestone cliff in eighteen. Thirty six poet karel hynick masher while in the middle of a walking tour of the local area is said to have spent a night at the castle that night. It is claimed that masher fell into a deep but fitful sleep in which he found himself drifting towards the chapel only to be pulled deep below the floor and through into the chasm below it moments later. He found himself wandering unfamiliar streets soon realizing he'd been propelled two hundred years into the future as he apparently wrote in a letter to a friend. He was surrounded by huge towers like sandstone. Cliffs with holes dotted throughout them from outer which eerie yellow light was shining like modern-day towerblocks. Perhaps while later he saw a woman on the street watching moving pictures out of a small box like contraption she was holding in her hand just over one hundred years later under the orders of adolf hitler. The german army invaded czechoslovakia. And a short time. Later a troupe of ss guards were stationed at castle housekeeper. Just why they were there however remains a mystery today. House castle remains open to visitors nestled deep within the forests of bahia as beguiling and incomprehensible as ever if you enjoy unexplained and would like to help supporters you can now do so via patriot to receive access to add free episodes. Just go to patron dot com forward slash unexplained part to sign up unexplained the book and audiobook featuring ten stories that have never before been covered on the show is now available to buy worldwide can purchase through amazon barnes and noble and order stones among other bookstores all elements unexplained including the show's music produced by me rich mcclain smith. Please subscribe and great the show wherever you listen to podcasts. And feel free to get in touch with any thoughts or ideas regarding the stories of heard on the show. Perhaps you have an explanation of your own. 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