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Water buffaloes twenty twenty second half so affordable to lose you know last week. to fifty yards the fourth quarter I I there was a most issue history. they're not trying to reset that record winds of the wind will take it to the which they stop playing with fire that way let's quickly pause ten seconds for station identification is through the culpable. Hey Ole. ninety four one the voice of Colorado. what do you do airforce the falcons have position once again first out of ten from the twenty yard line. so for three hundred forty nine yards to will to Russian tool for. through the year I should say for the falcons as any of those working it out to the twenty three. three yards second down it's seven. it's amazing to me how much different defense can work can look from the first after the second half and all three the caves that we've had this amazing it is is phenomenal I don't get what happens in the first half I like what happens in the second yeah but. Mr till the films that are two quarters we played before these last two quarters second Dallas seven for the twenty three percent receive reader cycle and has more. keep up to the fact that it's to Remsburg left side he's got the first data so that every severe sideline getting tackled at the thirty one year line about. your during their. a lot of people would ask why do you run the option to the short side of the field question one it run to the whites as well. when you wrote it to the short side. the only reason runner is because you have the numbers advantage anytime you have a number's advantage to run the play in that direction and so the buffs in the unbalanced line over to us to the white side of the field the bus said the numbers advantage. Air Force then has the numbers advantage coming back the other way and so that's why they come to the short side of the field so it's it is strictly comes down the numbers. in each case the injury issue there was motel owner who looked up to feel disagree terribly shaken up a during a race draws is to replace to add one safety position opposite Matix fifty six to twenty third twenty ten airforce. daily from just across the thirty or thirty one. Windex. Donald Henderson. thanks to the. the rooms for doctors across the forty forty five the west. X. ray room forty two. he rakes role with the tackle and a first down so let me go back to what I was just talking about that time was an unbalance formation to the whites of the field there were seven flows to the white side only for buffalo's back to the other side so they run an option one of those guys are doing at the block because of the pitch the ball off of him they have the numbers advantage they have more guys going to the left side and flows have to block so I have to tackle with six to block three. the forty seven year old due to the full back this time straight ahead. he does penetrative cycles territory ready for your ticket. Kerry was taping. a couple of seconds. six nine. who was there. first. and that really is our game plan right now they're just line up but on balance scene where you're going to go and they're going to go the other way so if you're gonna build strength is on balance again to the right side see you is one two three four five six seven guys over there. come back this way second down at six thirty forty nine yard line. it's a game of yours. Ericsson. who said this is a complicated game. it was the fourth player to. news on the news. we get a break in the action taken Matix the stellar sideline readily dockets badge one fourteen the point of third quarter twenty to ten falcons football a ten point lead here in boulder this is called a football. neighbors land each other things. cups of sugar to..

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