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Bill isn't enough to make people seek and complete the services they need. I wanted to stop. I wish there was a way for it to stop and I Bill now heads back to Olympia for final approval the last day of the legislative session is April 23rd Lakewood is just one of the few cities in Washington to recently pass a ban on open public drug use. Hannah Knowles, come on in. So Muslim students at the University of Washington say they still face pushback over their religion, more than 20 years after 9 11, safa on nor and Sarah Khan tell the Seattle times that professors and students were less than understanding when the two asks for accommodations during the holy month of Ramadan. But a university spokesperson tells the paper that they are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all religions, under state law, public colleges and universities are required to provide reasonable accommodations for all faiths. Northwest news time, 1240. Time for an update on sports from the Beacon plumbing sports desk and Bill Schwartz, the kraken, earn a Denver split and look forward to their first home playoff game. Seattle played solid hockey at Colorado winning their NHL first round series opener. And last night led to nothing in the first period, but the defending champion avalanche rallied for a three two win. Forward Ellie Tobin and asked whether it was a lost opportunity for the kraken. I'm in no, not really. I mean, it's going to be a long series. We know they're a really good team and now, you know, we did really get shot for the first game, but not. You know, we come back to see how one one is just tie dye. We should be happy about it. The first ever Stanley Cup playoff games had climate pledge arena Saturday night. After Thursday off the Mariners, welcome in the Saint Louis Cardinals for a weekend series of T mobile park, righty George Kirby starts for the ems tonight. There are three and three so far in the home stand. Ford Detroit Lions players, including their first round draft pick jamison Williams, have been suspended for violating the NFL's gambling policy. Washington and Washington state wrap up spring football camps with inter squad games tomorrow afternoon. Saturday, soccer double header at Seattle's lumen field, a well rain women go first to 1230 against Chicago red stars. The sounders have an MLS match at 7 30 against Minnesota. Sports was sworn to ten and 40 after the hour, northwest news radio. You love this? All confessed. It's so dirty. That essential. How so? Try living without it. You have a point. Did I not the only one? Who loves it? Every

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