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Starting in the eighteen twenties. All my paternal, ancestors migrated to the island of Hispaniola from the United States when he took over the entire island. So for four generations, my family lives eight as part of the Republic called Solomona on peninsula on the eastern eastern mole northern part of the island, and we were able to preserve our heritage. Our name on our surnames, many of the families in back region are green kings Kelly's Robbie and also for many generations. We spoke English and also religion because the AMI church also helps. These African American migrants settle in the island. And I am AME and AME starting to seventeen hundreds of Richard Alan as the caller news is based on a structure of globalization of religion. So missionaries were sent into Africa in around the world in a seventeen and eighteen hundreds the other part of this. I think is very interesting to know that people immigrated out of the United States as was pointed out, so we had Martin Delany, for example, who led an expedition of groups of people into Liberia into Sierra Leone, you had Alice Dodd think about this ship uprising on the armless Todd what people don't know at the end of that stories that sin K and others with back to Africa after they released in their case went to the US supreme court, and they won. So there were people leaving going from Ohio for example in Wilberforce into Canada. So there were people leaving the country as well as coming into the country moving about the country wanna in White Plains to on WNYC. Hi, yes. Hi. I just wanted to share a little bit of my grandmother's history..

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