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All across America eight six six ninety redeye he is. Currently and I'm Gary. McNamara welcome and good morning You see, that story at bleak was maybe from Maine Peter wants. To memorialize a lobster That crashed and. Memorialize the lobster truck crash victims I memorialized some lobsters, every now and then withdrawn butter making it up not making it up Story was out there is actually a story from, this week that we never got a chance to to to get, to and those, important. Stories but we should get to pita hopes to build memorial were lobsters, died in Maine crash Yeah Now, they they know that those lobsters were going to die. Anyway That, was the whole purpose of them being on the truck People for the ethical treat treatment of animals wanted to build a five foot. Tombstone were lobsters, may, have died after a crash on route one in Brunswick, Maine last week may have according to the Brunswick police department several lobsters that a cozy harbor seafood truck was carrying got crushed as a result of a rollover It. Was something I, never, seen before said one detective some lobsters were loose on, the ground from being spilled over so we went to work to save the ones that we could Organization. Sent a letter to the main department of transportation asking if. It could create a roadside memorial where the lobsters lost their lives Countless sensitive, lobsters experienced an agonizing death when this truck roll over and their, bodies came crashing down onto the highway said PD executive vice president Tracy Reimann As a pulse, to being boiled today, slowly yes Deliciously these are all quotes here pita hopes to pay tribute to these individuals who didn't want to. Die With the memorial urging people. To. Prevent future suffering by keeping. Lobsters and all other animals off their plates don't buddy wants to die But lobster sometimes have to die For our happiness Here's here's I love some, citizens, of Maine say lobsters belong on the dinner table and they don't agree with, the memorial said, Timothy Smith quote it just seems a little extreme to me. Just a little I'm all. For, animal rights oh, you're not gonna but I just don't understand putting up a tombstone for some lobsters I'm sorry I'm not cruel, to animals but that goes way too far and a monument on. The highway Yeah Local TV station has reached out to the main department of transportation for comment regarding pitas. Request they have not. Yet heard. Back The? Officials. From the main department of transportation could not be reached for comment as they were having lunch. At a main seafood restaurant yeah Yeah Untimely. Death so is that being twelve? O'clock noon at Red Lobster is a timely? Death Now I don't know if? This was put together by the TV station What Looks just like, a it's a tombstone and I can't turn my. Teeth I was gonna turn my screen over to you but, says but it's a tombstone says in memory of the lobsters who suffered and died at this, spot August twenty, seventeen try vegan pita and it's, like you, know granite headstone with with that written on it very nicely written in, memory and then the lobster You know here's the thing here's where pita doesn't get the appeal right, I mean they don't So if you're a vegan you're pretty much you, you. Decide that, on your own. Not as a result of the something, publicity? Stunt like, this right Uh-huh and, when it comes to things that we eat we don't eat, the The cute animals we just, eat the ugly ones Lobster is just a giant bug It's like a giant cockroach at the bottom of the sea Right No that would be the catfish cows. Yet, no that that to cows same thing now we don't need not handsome. Animals we don't eat Good-looking animals so we don't. You know the puppies and the kittens? We, keep those those are our friends how. Dare, you I've never checked out the sociology of cannibals is that the same. Thing with them Yes they only ugly people And, everybody knows why frankly You're not going to waste drawn. Butter on some handsome. Fellow that's not gonna work at least. Excuse what's happening show today we're getting ready. For a three day, weekend it's the last summer maybe, or maybe a permanent corporate. Here's Yeah You're you're. Asking, I I did ask last hour on on on one issue out. There what's the? Point some of you may be asking us that right at this. Moment my point is that you come up on, that you, know let's just say you're, traveling? Right and you come upon that roadside memorial and you look at it and, go, oh nobody's. Gone, Aw for. Lobster Except, Pam Anderson Nobody else So, I yeah I'm It's it's, not the, same, appeal You, know I mean if it were let's say it was a pet store or. Something and it was, they were, they were transferring some you know some cute puppies are. Cute kittens. Or something like that it would that would be. Something that would gain people's attention Very emotional. Thing is you'd have probably have more than pita Looking to. Put up a memorial on the. Side, of the road issue very sad and tragic right lobsters no Well. The sad and tragic part is that they didn't make it to the seafood. Place, I. Get to the point we've always said you'd have to know what to. Market and how to market right, right You can't market the. Wrong, things Right Look.

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