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Miles per hour zero zero meters per second right as its setting down. And so. It's this like magic trick. Every time they they they pull it off of unbelievable sensors and unbelievable precision over when they're firing that that engine at minimum thrust incredible so now of course. The point of all of this is that you're going to reuse the rockets so in twenty seventeen they have the first successful Falcon nine reuse in March of two thousand. Seventeen and twenty seventeen was just a banner year for space. X Eighteen successful launches. No failures and they landed every single one of them except the few that they were the end of the useful life of the rocket weather. A planning not to them coming out coming out of two thousand fifteen. This is a company that is firing on all cylinders. Like perfect product market fit on the business side iterating superfast launching all there are indeed stuff actually into production super fast. Like they're they're they're flying out their backlog at remarkable pace like it is. It's just impressive totally The next year in two thousand eighteen. They hit their fiftieth successful. Falcon nine launch. They have twenty one total launches in two thousand eighteen including the Falcon heavy which is an adapted folks of Prevalje in this and watch videos but like it is amazing. So this is the re Falcon Nine rockets wired together for twenty seven total engines burning That can bring up an incredible amount of payload and these guys and what they do is all three go up and then they all end and honestly like watching a magic trick like it's like a anyone that watched the spacex fly Tesla's You Lonzo Tesla roadster up with Starman in it like this was on a falcon heavy and then exactly that ballet of the to come down simultaneously land next to each other on pads on land. The third sort of main booster then goes and lands on the drone ship which Actually that one ended up tipping a lot harder to do because that one's especially reinforced to be able to hold onto the other two brewster's right. Yeah which apparently in the block five which is the most recent and I think final version of Falcon nine. Yeah they've actually figured out a way to to of fix that problem and they're going to be able to. I suppose catch them much more easily out in the drone ship but yeah so that brings us to now. There are a couple things. We're not talking about here. We might mention At the end of the episode but.

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