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And everything else the king of the fourth forthright i just feel like as good as isaiah was in some of those fourth quarters i was always sceptical whether or not it would happen against quality competition and last night was quality competition and i just feel like isaiah for as much as i i was a fan of his and i am and this is going to come across as dumping on isaiah and it shouldn't isaiah to me is a very good player kyrghiz is a great player right if you want to take it up a notch isaiah is a great player and irving's elite you know i just think there is another step that are moving can go to and last night you saw it last night you saw it in the second half and he was terrible in the first half right what are you start over seven over eight in one out of his first 10 in the game three points at halftime yeah and then he turned it on in the second half and horford was very good he was an average alhi wasn't absent l he was very good down the stretch but that game to me last night as about cairo rubbing and that's what a real superstar looks like to me you'll isaiah could go off isaiah could have big games you're a nearby who did some of them come against right it always felt like more questionable competition than what cairo redid and for me cairo servings done it on the biggest stage you've done it in the nba finals he took down the golden state warriors for god's sakes so you know you know he can do it against the best competition and i don't quite know that oklahoma city is the best competition were still finding out what they are but down eighteen battling your way back i'm shocked at how good this team is is sean silver i'm not shocked at how good cairo serving as he's another level from isaiah this is why you went out and got a player like this is the exact reason why you went out and got him isaiah nice player tyree great player at last night you saw everything you need it to see i just thought i should mention isaiah thomas took down.

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