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South this morning. It's fifty one forty gates San Bernardino right now. It's forty six and the five-day forecast coming up in less than ten minutes. 637 add KNX the school board of the brea Olinda district is expected to vote tonight on possibly changing the name of the school. This is the William fanning school because of some controversy that's been ignited over whether fanning was a member of the KKK providence citizen and former superintendent to the district his family says he wasn't a member of the KKK some documents indicate he may have. I've been there is no absolute proof. According to Linda, Shay, curator, the brea historical society. We looked in various other directions to see if we could find the trails that would lead us to believe that he really masks as well. And we couldn't find any things we made recommendations chases list handed down by a district attorney for the twentieth. Fannings name on it doesn't prove the man was a member especially since other KKK members weren't there either and Jernigan very prominent in the clan during that time period ended up on county sheriff he's not on the list for Kowloon is president of the Orange County and double ACP we're determined to fight on regardless of what they said the board meeting Klan hotbed at the time. Bob Brill can't extend seventy NewsRadio county supervisors could be pushing back against the recent controversy. Rehiring above fired sheriff's deputy to supervisors creating a motion calling on the board who sent a letter to the sheriff Alex Villanueva with their concern kind lawyers. Could also look at the weather. The sheriff actually has the authority to bring back at epide- who's firing was upheld by the county civil service commission, the deputy. Has been accused of assaulting and harassing a colleague six thirty eight ad KNX part of brookhurst. Road has been closed this morning cops pulled over a haul truck traffic violation led to the discovery of what they say is a possible meth lab in the back has Matt's on the scene. Brookhurst. Road is shut down from the riverside freeway to Roberta avenue, and they say one person has been taken into custody. An unincorporated Santa Ana, thanks. The Orange County. Sheriff's deputies have saved him from his burning house without hard, hats and fire gear on and everything have that. So I'm really thankful that they took the risk to come down that hallway wake me up and give me here. The house was on fire from the deputies rushed in and a woke Jim he says he was sleeping. Make that more of an effort specially that late at night that somebody's probably sleeping not aware. There's no lights on in the house. That's a deputy. Joseph Medina one of those who rushed in and saved him. There's new data out when it comes to kids in Kansai new study in the journal pediatrics finds deaths of young children from firearms have almost doubled over the last decade. Researchers say it's partly due to rising rates of handgun ownership by US families. Firearm injury is the third leading cause of death among children killing thirteen hundred children every year and injuring nearly six thousand Saudis authors, say that handguns are often bought for personal protection, and are therefore more likely to be stored loaded unlocked and left in neccessity place. Researches in Scotland have genetically modified chickens with a human, gene, enabling them to lay eggs containing cancer fighting drugs. The process could be up to one hundred times cheaper than how the same drugs are produced in factories heroin is with the Edinburgh university's Roslin Institute. We don't believe that the chickens are going to ever completely replace the current systems, but there are certain proteins, which cells can't make as effectively as the chicken. And so we look to particularly. Target those proteins. These are by the way, pretty good hands laying three hundred eggs a year. They're.

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