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Of the scenes and the competitions are just going to lowly you into the spell where the same thing that's happening to the character almost seems to happen you and that's this doing that waking life dreaming life and of than memory this a so much about memories all those things seem to emerge into one state of existence i would say this is really one of the rare metaphysical experiences i've had the movies and i would compared to something like the tree of life which maybe more people are familiar with and and felt something similar so scott i know that you're a fan of the roster comes uncle been me who can recalls puss lives for me that one was as much as i appreciate for many of the same aliments there was a lot about type folklore another elements that i just couldn't access and so was more of in appreciative experience something about this and it's emphasis on character or i don't know why i felt more of being in the frame of of the film itself you might if it is that the only other one of his chiefs yeah so these are the two of his out because i mean i saw that so it's very responder whole year and a half ago so i memory of it is not that strong but you know blissfully your couple mallett be you know sin drums and the century of these are all worth checking out and i think you're right about you know maybe slowing your metabolism around a little bit the one thing i really appreciated about his work and was in which wasn't quite is present in some interior sp under for me is just there's an element of magic the kind of come to play in strange miss and something arising out of the every day that is totally unexpected in the oracle so i would i would occurred just continuing to explore his from our defeat.

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