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Zealand, Australia, every sprint car drive in North America goes to Iowa, and he beats them. While he's racing full time series. But who else can do that? Listen, we're comparing this is like the conversation about who's the very best quarterback ever. Right. This is like one of those conversations. No disrespect to anybody. But they'll all can do that. Richard Petty couldn't do that. I mean, I don't know Mario Andretti is the only other guy. People could say AJ, people say Tony, but not to this level. You know, they're great drivers. I'm not putting anybody down. Again, we're comparing the very best of the very best. Kyle Larson. In my opinion, bring somebody else to me that you can say can do all those types of disciplines at that level. I haven't seen anybody that can do it until this guy. And it's just, I'm sorry. It is what it is. Well, the one thing Mario Andretti has on his resume is a Formula One championship that might be pretty special. That would be what people would probably take issue with. And the problem now is that the world has changed so much. Kyle arsenal never get a shot. Right. He gets it ever run equipment that we would really be able to tell. Just like we're probably not going to see Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton run the Knoxville nationals. I mean, Louis Hamilton said he wanted to run Daytona. That would be fun to see. But what I'd like to say is lose hey, I'd like to see Luis Hamilton come around Darlington and I'd like to see Kyle Larson go romana. That would be cool. And I bet you Kyle Larson would do better Monica Lewis Hamilton would do a Darwin. All right, the gauntlet's been thrown down. Given the given the same equipment, I'm gonna make a lot of people out there. Yeah, this is gonna get spread around the world. These are great drivers. I mean, listen, listen, Louis Hamilton is a great driver. And Kyle Larson is a great driver. The versatility is amazing. I can tell you that there's no way in hail. And I won a fair amount of races. If you look at the look in the history books, you know, my name is pretty high in regard to race winners. There's no way inhale. I could have gone to the local dirt track and run with those guys in a street stock car. There's no way. And this guy goes and wins the biggest races. And he wins and in this lab we win the road courses. He wins the half mile and a half. He runs a short track. He wins all of them. On that note about dirt, one of the things that got brought up last night was about how much Larson was allowed to race on dirt by Rick Hendrick this year. Dustin long has a great comment NBC sports dot com. I encourage people to check it out about how Larsen said after he won the championship last night that I knew I had no leverage at all. Yeah when I went to meet with him and Rick and Jeff, I remember that initial meeting, it was great, Rick talked about how much he loved my driving style and this and that and you'd love to get me in his race car and then he got to the end of the meeting and he was like, you know, what's something that you want? And I was like, oh, I'm nervous. You know, I know how Rick Hendrick feels about dirt racing and stuff. This isn't. I'm hoping I'm not shoot myself in the foot right here before I ask a question. I was like, like, I'd like to raise some dirt raises. He didn't shut it down at all. You know, Jeff had mentioned to me a few times before that the culture and how they kind of handled their driver's schedule was changing. But I didn't really believe it. When he was telling me that stuff, but I threw it out there and I've gotten a race way more than I thought I would, you know when I was Ganassi in the beginning, it was nothing. I couldn't really race anything, and then it kind of morphed into 25 races in a year and then it morphed into 25 races and a cup season and I thought I would be something similar to that, but by the end of this year I'll raise probably a hundred total races. So the most I've raised in a long time, especially yo, while I'm a full-time Cup Series driver. Rick Hendrick didn't really allow drivers to race on dirt. And he checked with cliff Daniels who checked with upper management and he essentially said, we're going to let this guy have a shot at it because I can tell it means so much to him. And what he's so passionate about, what do you make about that? Because you've seen Rick Hendrick over the decades and how he operates his race teams. And this was a pretty large exception. He didn't let Casey Kane do this. You know, I'm torn. I'll say this, though, in the era where drivers were not having practices or not, you know, we can't test and all that. Does track time really help. Even though they're completely different cars, we all know the only disadvantages injury. That's the disadvantage. You've got this incredible investment, and we talked about Lewis Hamilton a little while ago. Can you imagine Lewis Hamilton? And motor sports, perhaps the biggest name in the world. Can you imagine him getting hurt in a sprint car? And he can't run his F one car. I mean, that would be a monumental shift. I mean, that would be huge. And so now you come to the cup level, is it okay for Kyle Larson to.

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