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Since we have that much time, what I'm going to do is I'm going to break it up by blood type, and then I'm going to break it up by time zone. And I'm just going to go through from there. Now I have any in my loud. Come on. As many as is reasonable or the buzzer sounds. All right, I'll go with four or 5. I think there's a couple obvious ones. Really expecting the buzzer to sound already. The most obvious one, I think, is emiliano rigoni and Austin, who got the pure brunt, the honey mukhtar experience of being underwhelming, not good enough, blaming everything on him, and now he's got the opportunity to settle in, get to know his team, get to know the league a little bit, get comfortable. Can he bounce back this year? So I think he's an obvious one. The other obvious one and it was hard for me to put this together so I went with a grouping, is the Chicago fire. As an entire club entity, you could put it as a coaching staff and front office down entity if you want, or you could just go to shakiri and Hiro Torres. If you really want to just stick to two specific players, but shakiri has the potential, I think, still. To be one of the biggest gas theorem winners of all time. And the other one I'd go with is ache ache. He was the biggest signing in Houston dynamo history. He wasn't even playing at the end of the year. And then he went to the World Cup and okay, tournament, I guess, but there's a massive expectation on him. So those would be the three obvious ones. But then you have like the Camille Joe's reacts of the world where it's like, yeah, this guy was nothing. Last year. Is he something? And that's the opportunity that a lot of players have that were signed. I think a lot of teams set themselves up with a summer signing last year where now that player could have that opportunity. I mean, leukemias. To bring it back to the Red Bull stuff, like leukemias came in and he had like 7, 8 good games in a row, but then he didn't do anything the final 20 games of the season. He's a goss theorem potential guy in my opinion and if he is, then our predictions about the Red Bulls this year are going to look good and they're going to make the playoffs or their 14th straight time. I have Jack maroney in that group as well. Kind of got in, injuries, slow down. He was so little, but we're going to little plate so little as well. Yeah, and maybe I'm just I'm probably over indexing this win against Orlando in the preseason. Where he looks pretty good in the second half. But Carlos heel is going to create chances no matter who's on the field, the question is, is somebody going to finish those chances? It might not be veroni. I mean, it seems like it's completely up for grabs it forward like Gustavo Bo arrived this week with his green card. Josie out there was played in pre season. We had a little knock recently. Bobby wood played the first half of that game. You have veroni. It just feels like a train wreck on that depth chart up top, but veroni came in with a big pedigree with a lot of hype with the DP tag.

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