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Mid nineties feel over 100 then we'll start to see scattered showers and thunderstorms develop today. Most likely try it and West better chances of continued to go west into the mountains. Most of us from the Triangle East and South will most likely stay dry. But I think tomorrow better chance a better coverage on showers. Thunderstorms in the afternoon. It could be some gusty winds low nineties for scattered storms on Friday and weekend kind of a split Saturday a chance of thunderstorms low nineties. Sunday, Hot again back in the mid nineties. Casey, We get this kind of tiny break from the mid Upper nineties down in the low nineties, but Sunday Monday Tuesday Guess what hard drive back into the middle nineties? Probably more heat advisories. I'm just concerned that one of the stars names is 11. Like the girl from stranger things is that well, it's a tropical depression is what is it? Hell, epidemic Gorgons in it. That would be fun. Yeah, it might. I saw the one that was named seven. I thought it was like a Seinfeld thing, but it's just a number, right? Right, right. Yeah, you're right. You got a storm that spits demag organs man owed. Yeah, I know. I know. It's actually Tropical Depression. Seven were not to 11 yet, but the way we're going, we're probably going to be remember. I think it's really about Remember, it's about impact about impact. So we've already had six storms. Most will not memorable. Right? So there's a bunch of go but going hurricane season our focus out on Tropical depression. Number seven most likely to become Gonzalo. Gonzalo. Guns like Yap you guns but well done. Gonzo Gonzales. Gonzalo heard God, However, your dialect You're actually you.

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