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Tell you what you are. You are not tech savvy, and you think you're doing One of us is gonna bolt Couldn't figure out there's no way you got a little drop. What would you want to wake up to? This would be nice. You do roll that You rule the corner house. I want to be reminded every morning I want to be reminded drive the show here. Well in the world, you've got the world. I mean, you will You have the world. I'm saying, That's what I wanna wake up The songs like this every single day. This is Keyshawn Jay Williams Open on ESPN Radio, ESPN two. Here's that some channel 80 and and all your smart speakers. My name's shake or not. He is Jordan Cornett. We're filling in. Over the next couple of days, Keyshawn J. Will zoom and presented by progressive insurance and all guests appear via the shell Pennzoil Performance line. So we're asking the Keyshawn Jalen Zubin Nation which NFL quarterback do you trust in the playoff at Nick Rice? 21? Just it is up in the Dr Pepper Twitter feed and said, I'm trusting the quarterback who's never lost by more than one possession in his career. Rallied his team from multiple deficits last postseason has beaten more playoff teams is here than any other quarterback, and that would be Patrick Mahomes. Yes. That is a pretty obvious You should find this question offensive than given your power, right? Okay. So here are my power rankings. The top five quarterbacks that I trust in the playoffs. Can we give criteria and I said two criteria here, or do you want? Oh, you go ahead. You go ahead, So I'm just gonna say it's involving what their team has on both sides of the football. What That player has done this season. And you can dig back into the rear view what they've done in their past that lead you to believe that But you have to factor in everything that their team possesses. At this point that will allow you to gauge how much trust you have with them. Going into the postseason. True, Okay, Thank you. That was good that you did that. Okay. So the top five quarterbacks in the order that I trust them in the playoffs.

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