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Grant. Dr grant, hey, Dr Floyd chips, General Grant, generally, sir. I have these two ruffians here who are the culprits behind your pens disappearance, read the penny. Repairman? Well, that's not true. We didn't do anything empty. Your pockets villainy says Dr Steve reaches into his pocket and pulls out. Ulysses s grant's pen by. Ipad. You're right. These are the general Parker. Yes, sir. Really's as to me. Please accept apologies for detaining. You going mention it just make sure that you to bring an end to the civil war that we have the pinch show. We will take as toe into custody. Excuse me, General Grant Scher. Yes. Not you Dr grant, I'm talking to General Grant. Oh, sorry General Grant, why don't you? Let us take care of these men for you. We'll make sure they get their just deserts. All right. Good is way. We can focus on ending the war. You know, shopping mish. You may want to get one of those little change to catch the end of the pen so people catch stealing. That's a great idea. Robert, Dr Floyd, Dr grant and chips lead Dr Steven figured out of the room and backout near their time and space ship. How did you get here Dr grant? Well, I was waiting in line for that. Doctor who panel at comic con, you know, the one with. Special guest arch we get it. Well, anyway, I saw Dr Steven Fisher walk by. And I heard them mention a time jump. I knew they were up to no good. So I got out of line and followed them to their time and space ship, I grabbed onto it as they were making time jump and here. I am. I stop them right before they were able to get away with the pens. Well, we're certainly glad that you did this sending what would have happened to us. If you had really don't mention it all of the day's work for a loyal Djeddai. Pat amman. Oh bready. I guess you only question now is what should we do with? Dr Steven fidget with how about letting us go. We could do that. But I don't think that you're very good idea. I think we should Dr flavor. Why don't you tell me to duck because there's a little duck right there. You see him? Yeah. Look at him. He's cute. Do things. What is it ships? I'll let me to interrupt your adventures in phila- cheesy. But you've just Stephen Fitchet escape. Doug Nabet on sorry. I just get so excited when I see waterfowl joke. Hey, Dr grant, well, I guess we'll get back to the future and make sure that US grant hotel has been built. And that's just what our heroes did upon their return to San Diego. They found the US grant hotel was indeed built and all was back to normal. What evil plans could Dr Steve cooking up next? Dr Floyd be able to prevent him from carrying out those plans and just what happened at that. Doctor who panel with special guest, David Tennant, wait a minute. David Tennant is on the doctor who panel I'm outta here. Find next time on the radio adventures of Dr Floyd. Episode number s easier. Oh, two six of the radio adventures of Dr Floyd starred more quirk as chips, WWW dot more quirk dot com. Chuck McCann as Robert E Lee, WWW dot Chuck McCann dot net. Frank content as you Liz s grant, WWW dot cinematic, Titanic dot com. Alison, more guests. General Parker cease Castellucci as the special guest narrator, WWW dot miss, seasonal dot com. Bryce as the waiter Doug as the sign holder and million Caitlyn as our sound effects technicians special. Thanks to Michael Rayner, WWW dot Michael Rayner dot com. The staff of Comecon international and Suzy, but Joko and Andrea Ruben using for this episode by Jody white sides. WWW dot Jody Whiteside dot com. Cepa sewed was written by grant. But choko. Episode number s hero to six of the radio adventures of Dr Floyd is copyright two thousand nine Dr Floyd industries, LLC all rights reserved. The way clan. The airwaves. It's now time for Dr Floyd's imagination nation. Ranger's secret message for you members of the Dr Floyd imagination nation. Remember kids only official radio adventures of Dr Floyd imagination nation. Rangers can code Dr Floyd secret message with the secret Dakota ring available only from WWW dot imagination ranger dot com. All right. Grab your secrets a coder rings and a pencil and paper and prepare to set your imagination to fund. Remember? Dr Floyd is counting on you. And here is the radio adventures of Dr flight imagination nation. Ranger secret. Message for episode number s easier to six getting things to five seven to three fifteen nineteen nineteen twenty three seven eleven. So far. And then was a message from Dr Floyd himself to all his imagination nation Rangers. You can join Dr Floyd's immagination nation and become an imagination nation ranger only at WWW dot imagination ranger dot com. And until next time set your imagination fund. Don't just sit there you're under strict daughters to go to WWW dot Pereira dot com hip.

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