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In your own right after lutely was happening he time my brother but i all hidden by when he talked to someone like you is there at the beginning and that's why you on the show today if you wanna know what it was like in the very early days this is one of the few remaining members because as you know people are starting to leave us when those that period of it i be boys to dance on the planet beside rock is one of them and he name a few names at game before him but a beeper count on one hand and so this is i fly out backers brother goes you know he buys back to a couple of people but at the same time there even see them you see what i'm saying into interacting let you know what it was like doing early period of mr charlie reid for now this introduce yourself in your early history reminding new york city is though southbound side soom might well actually no the north bronx north bronx i was in the follow the pocket ticket fitted the good part of the bronx actually it's very interesting kadhamy you know and anything that name is anthony anthony gerard warren that's my beagle government name as they say my father my my doctor parents i was a dotted on may twenty four nineteen sixty and to a mother who with a teenage mother i never got to meet her because she decided that in order for me to have a good life she wanted to give me up for adoption obviously being teenage teenage pregnancy was very different from what it is today backwards in the fifties and sixties had a very different social stigma on it and of being a teenage mother i believe she was pregnant with me at either fourteen or fifteen years of age somewhere of that nature and side.

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