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Kind of more in the middle with bringing into a company and so You know a lot of people that speak to be a director of pricing if they have a pricing team if they don't have any sort of price team than pricing could be owned by sales and we do. Have you know sales products that we use as well so we guidance for sales which would be if they have a law large countless of being able to figure out which accounts target in addition to the pricing. So i talked to a lot of you know a lot of vp of sales. You know that's probably like a lot of the people that i am calling but as well it's like just anyone with a pricing title but if pricing is not if there's not a pricing team it could be owned by sales marketing product operations so sometimes it's just a little bit of a easter egg hunt. So you first person you get on the phone you ask. Who's doing this and off. They go off. You go to that area. Yeah you typically because we do like two different things and i find that sometimes you know someone there really content with what they're doing for pricing and so then i'll try to pivot and go into what they're doing for sales up but i never really tried to assume you to which one of those two things that interested in because i found i shoot myself in the foot so i usually i usually to start off by asking what would be more relevant to your role. Is it sales growth or is it finding the right prices to give to your sales team brilliant. So let's say sales growth and the person you've found wasn't the right person but his sales growth and then you suss out like the head. Vp of sales. A you finally get that person on the phone. What preparation are you doing before. And what's the first thirty seconds of that conversation. What does that sound like. Sure so So whenever i get someone that i want to go after. I'm typically looking at their lengthen. I'm looking at you know my notes in the account to see like okay like you know. Have i spoken to someone here before they were happening notes that i can rely on to give me a little bit of context field. Add to the conversation or which direction to go. I've already narrowed down that they have a particular problem And i use the to start off the conversation. I use like josh braun technique which is just calling out like the obvious which is say. Hey is job beth. Zillions is a cold call. I know you probably just wanna hang up But you know. I'd appreciate it if you give me a minute to tell you why i'm calling us right there. So when people hear that what percentage of people say go ahead. Joe beth i would say.

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