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Doing the work it's always worth it once you feel the result twenty four hour fitness your results your way the process of trying to work on this that big rig fire led to ten freeway eastbound side right at the one eighteen where the far right leader that freeway is blocked in the drive is backed up coming away from Rockford east found one eighteen connector to the two ten east they have the right lane of that transition blocked off as well and that's going to be a busy drive you coming away from Glen oaks and if you're gonna jump on the southbound side of the five as your alternate is pretty busy coming out a sense three different how girls are pretty city brake lights out towards a one seventy no accidents in the way it looks a little bit quicker than the two ten but it's not gonna save you a whole lot of time westbound side of the two ten just before you get to the split with the one thirty four there's a cyclic there because of the big rig that broke down that's blocking the left lane it that's a tough drive you come away from the six oh five heading into cars and one ten freeway southbound side just before you get to Torrance Boulevard just got word of a car that broke down that's blocking the left lane said that's backed up you come away from the ninety one north outside the one ten so said about two hundred twenty third St over towards the four or five minutes heavy through south LA from about Manchester over towards a one a one and sixty freeway westbound side a pack road got the single are there because of big rate those with Jack knives so they still have I still have the two left lanes blocked off and you can see the delays are coming away from village and route ten westbound it's idea and maybe a few minutes of time but heavy delays from Aziz over towards the six oh five the traffic report is sponsored by super woman super lawyer dot com I'm Merion apartment I have over seven hundred and fifty million dollars recovered injured in an accident call me I get results eight hundred eight hundred sixty nine sixteen com weather today few morning clouds partly sunny this afternoon give me great day in the seventies to low eighties you're gonna have a great day I don't know what's on your plate right now maybe the some stuff that's kind of problematic.

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