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Load. Management wasn't load management that was That was the only reason I used to get healthy. Scratch but We Love Krueger. But he's going a little crazy now he's bringing in the load management I had a great I have had a great ability. Talk about the Swedish guys and what they come into the league. I mentioned allies. Patterson and he lifted up why talked about all of sin. All preseason public disguise snapshot. It's insane. Did you hear what I had mentioned him? In your being foolish third right now for the for the rookie of the year probably right. He's missed some time. He was taken offer while they're always he had a great. He had a really good start and then he like he. We all kind of cooled off. Our team wasn't doing well and then Then he started taking off again like he's he's just the more confidence he gets the better And is shot like you said it's like I told my dad this year before the season on like this guy gets forty and asleep if he wants house like this is the best. This is probably one of the best shots. Urban wastelands wait now. We got to find out where you're getting your Swedish information wet by played with this kid in. Modo only I was over in. Modo and I told you last. Two Games minus seven retired on the on the bench after the first period with this kid is on the team. Ause I who is his he was a hundred and fifty pounds and he had quick feet and then he would take a snapshot from the top of the circles bartow. It's insane isn't it? He comes in and practice and the goal is. Don't yeah elbow in every time. Any takes a one timer at them and it's just zip right by their ear like it's crazy how he shoots the PA. Does he walk off? The ice your typical sweeter. He's Cool. He's dressed nice. Yeah I mean. He dresses well. And he's like he's he's a really really good guy is pretty. He's pretty quiet. Like how old was he when he played with you? These eighteen at eighteen and he wasn't even like playing. Would you agree Swedish guys when they come in the League? All Recommend Larson said a word in the locker room for five years. They're just so respect. Yeah they are yeah. I think it's well see we have A. We have a lot of Swedes on our team. And and and they're all unbelievable guys like and it's great. We have Marcus Johansson this year. And he's kind of an older guy so You know they got all kinds of look up to him and he's able to like he's able to bring them along. We have a lot of young ones but They're all such. They're all such good guys like it's it's it's awesome having them in the room like you said there so respectful. I think it might have something to do. With the fact that they played in the a lot of them come from the Swedish league where they have their already in that professional setting and I think the older guys in that league really good job of kind of teaching them the right way to go about things and they're all so respectful and they're all great guys like they're all tall guys. You want in your room. Is He no disrespect. I know you're the captain of team. But he almost like the Swedish cabinet. Oh Yeah for sure. Yeah no absolutely. I think that that's a he's he's so valuable to our team. You know for that reason. I was feeling a lot of young Swedes but You know he's such a he's such a good voice in the locker room and he's obviously sick player while I was going to ask about the the bills. Run a ball fan and them as your team when you move there pats fan. Yeah I I would say. I'm definitely still a pass. Fan At heart Number one but I do love the bills now. Yeah there It's awesome like getting a fall and obviously the city so crazy about them and Kind of built a little relationship at the quarterback Josh Allen and Just seeing what he did this year he had really good year. So I'm definitely big fan and I was hoping they were going to win. That and fans probably love that the best one of the best players if not the best player for the bills and the SABRES are they're out grabbing beers on the town together until five. Am when people on Chippewa Street? Just like hugging each other. One big person has a picture of Alan on.

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