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So we don't just blamed the solemn donald trump right the the vote for some of us that seems the thing to do let's look at congress as a whole let's look at washington dc as a whole can you name a major piece of legislation kennedy buddy around this table main our gene name a major piece of legislation that barack obama passed after two thousand ten in his last six years of the presidency knob not a big record but he didn't have congress from adds that the difference you know we historians we we look at presidents who have both houses of congress them you know the big examples are fdr and 33 with a new deal right now johnson sixty five great society so those are the biggest samples but usually you don't see united party government at record with joe sipo wherein gene robinson ends its stunning that barack obama from two thousand eleven forward was really not able to pass any sweeping piece of domestic legislation that so that puts us now weren't going into the end of the seventh year where congress has prevented two presidents from passing a single piece of major domestic legislation that's really the verdict really the big story from a historical perspective very franceuro congress doing nothing upgrade complicated concrete in complicated times things change congress needs to be affective or at least functional and congress has not been functional congress has not been able to do big things at a time where things need to be done does anybody think for example the tax code is perfect the way it is all eighty seven thousand pages of it no we would be it would be a great thing to do but i just don't think this congress couldn't do it here in congress has liberals do anything seven years michael we're starting doors we're seeing obviously how are you sir we're seeing a.

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