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The deep south to northern New England. Jim Chris Bs do there are very mixed signals coming. Out of different parts of the government about the most recent information concerning the murder of that Saudi Arabian dissident Turkey, President Trump promises to clear it up in the coming days. He's here's correspondent Errol Barnett. US officials. Tell CBS news the CIA has intelligence indicating crown prince Mohammad bin Salman, ordered the killing of Jamal kashogi, but the State Department clarified that no final conclusion has been made President Trump was briefed on the subject by CIA director Gina hospital and secretary of state Mike Pompeo during his flight to California. We were told that he did not play a role before that briefing. Mr. Trump defended his alliance with the kingdom, although CNN White House. Correspondent Jim Acosta does have his press pass back. First amendment issues raised by the White House, pulling it are not resolved areas. More court action to come as the president. Now says there will also be new behavior. Rules for reporters. Nihil stanage? Covers the White House beat for the hill newspaper. I think to very many people the White House complaint number decorum Tabet like Al Capone stressing the importance of law and order. This is CBS news. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. Ziprecruiter's technology finds qualified candidates for businesses of all sizes. Try it for free at ZipRecruiter dot com slash free. KYW news time is three oh three. Here's your traffic and transit update road closures around the art museum threats inner.

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