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The us is putting new sanctions on a hezbollah the treasury department targeting of the group's finances hitting a new network of companies linked to hezbollah in several countries including lebanon the goal to undermine our ron's influence senior us officials claim iran's hezbollah seven hundred million dollars a year a british man locked up maybe for life for an attack last year near a mosque the judge said darren also mind being poisoned by farright ideas as she sentenced him to at least forty three years in prison last june osborne drove a van into a group of muslim worshippers near a mosque herod london injuring twelve people and killing of fifty one year old bad macram alley we cannot imagine the trauma he fell in his last few minutes but crumitie's daughter recede actor told reporters outside courts that have father's life was taken by a narrowminded heartless big it london simon owen fox news the new england patriots in philadelphia eagles prepping again today for the super bowl in minnesota where fox's jared max's live if while the patriots were position to win their sixth super bowl to match the steelers for the most the eagles have never landed a super bowl victory oh to including a loss to the patriots thirteen years ago only one player from that game will also compete this sunday tom brady rose norbert arrojo plan for my tim montgomery some of them thought patriots coach bill bell check not only as brady button leading receiver tied and robbed run caskey medically cleared yesterday from the could cost shen protocol nfl news outside the super bowl wall street journal nbc news poll found people who say they closely follow the nfl has declined nine percent in four years and among white nfl fans a drop off from fifty nine to forty seven percent dave jared scott auge day and infants slovenia six so go punks it's only feel saw as shadow groundhogs and ohio in georgia forecast the same thing one of new yorktel says they'll be earlyspring i'm dave.

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