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Much of the dead vegetation in these canyons has not seen in fire activity and over 50 to 60 years. No homes have been damaged so far by the fire. One firefighter suffered a minor eye injury. L. A Fire chief Ralph Terrazas says this early season blaze is an indication that our climate is getting hotter and drier. Normally don't have this type of fire the size of fire in May. I think we really have to think about brush fires at a year round challenge. About 450 firefighters have been assigned to the Palisades fire. They're getting help from multiple water, dropping helicopters and several airplanes that are dropping retardant because of the fire. Air quality officials have extended a smoke advice right through this afternoon. If you smell smoke or see ash, health officials say, try to stay inside with windows and doors closed. Topanga Elementary Charter School will be closed for a second straight day today. Scuba divers have completed the first dive is part of a massive six month effort to rid Lake Tahoe of trash. Colin West is with clean up the Lake, the nonprofit group leading the project, he says their initial die focus on an area along the California Nevada border. We ended up pulling out close to a couple £100 of trash. I mean, we had tires and Cinder blocks. We had different beer bottles and cans and jewelry and sunglasses and golf balls and just trashed the Lord. The team of between five and 10. Divers will continue looking for trash along the legs entire 72 miles of shoreline. They plan to die three days a week to a depth of 25 ft. Cleanup effort will continue through November and could be the largest in Lake Tahoe's history. Money for.

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