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Who's dollar cost averaging or sticking to rebalance your portfolio down droughts can be very positive, actually. All right. How about inflation here? No. I mean, that's what inflation cuts the bugaboo and a lot of ways. But I think lately there's been concern about, you know, rising interest rates rising inflation that certainly better bond prices, and it could higher interest rates the inflation. Also couldn't break the economy slowing down. But at the same time. I mean, I I think you have to realize that inflation and interest rates both are very low still coming off. A very low levels, and for savers people have been depositors people have kept their money and Gary ultra safe deposit a council last decade, they they are benefiting from a little bit higher interest rates and higher inflation. So in that sense. I think right. You know, this uptrend we've had this is actually good news. We're speaking with Russ wild personal finance columnist at the Zona Republic part of the USA USA today network. He's written a piece entitled things people seem to fear financially are not always worth worrying about what was the point. You made about social security solvency. Well, I mean that's been in the news lately. And there are a lot of I mean, any expert you talk to cover social security will recommend people hold off on claiming their benefits as long as they can, you know, certainly pass age sixty two when people can I claim some people are claiming earlier than they need to out of a fear that social security will go bust and it won't. I mean, we can only hope. Thanks, russ. Russ wiles personal finance columnist at the Zona Republic thirty minutes now after the hour on This Morning, America's first news. When you go on a vacation or to any event, you know that you want to have the best pictures ever, right? I mean, I thought I took some pretty good pictures that I posted on Instagram of my road trip. But but the new iphone ten s and the true depth camera that it is offering that could've taken it to another level camera has smart, agr advanced portrait mode and depth control to make sure the tired of crushing candy best fiends is the answer. It's a puzzle game. Like, no, other don't miss out on solving thousands of fun puzzles and collecting tons of cute characters.

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