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You've got a player who's spikes and then disappears off a cliff that there's something going on. There's something whether it's performance enhancement related. Whether there's something going on between the years there has been a change. You don't lose your skill over the course of a year. and it's it's their. The world is littered with baseball players and athletes. Who had one good moment in time like whitney houston with the olympics. And then they're off the map but no one thought that to be the case with bellinger and my concern is is that if he elian bellinger have another bad year in two thousand twenty two then all of a sudden the outlier becomes the mvp year. Where now the out liar is the crappy year. So they've got one more year my opinion to turn it around. If vlad guerrero is not the best player who's been in the marlins uniform who is well he was all of these using an expos uniform me the bat who is actually going to be in a marlins uniform. Vlad guerrero was the trade with john. Henry during the franchise swap out to when john henry wanted to bring josh beckett to the los angeles angels of anaheim. Because that was the original deal we was going to buy the the california angels. we said. that's fine. We're gonna get guerrero to bring with us to florida so guerrero came this close to being a marlin now. Would i have traded josh beckett for vladimir guerrero The answer is. I would have and i would have been wrong because we needed beca to win that world series but you always want to get a position player like guerrero who.

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