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Those things right now as far as what to do, obviously the right solution is they need to get Bill back. There's no reason that the wall has anything whatever to do with the shutdown. Are these conditions as? And what's happened in this country at the moment mayor Doug and can't put a dollar amount on how the shutdown is affecting the city of Detroit w w j news time ten twelve the FBI arresting three men and a west Michigan airport if for conspiring to support ISIS authorities say the three men are Lansing residents who are naturalized US citizens born in Kenya. One of the men named moose muse was arrested on Monday afternoon at the Gerald r Ford airport in Grand Rapids, as he was set to board a flight, which was one of a series of stops on the way to Mogadishu Somalia. The other two suspects Mohamed views and Salat Haji were arrested. Shortly thereafter, they're accused of helping him by the plane ticket and driving him to the airport for the flight. Federal authorities say all three defendants pledged allegiance to ISIS through videos. They recorded news and Haji also allegedly discussed using a card or rundown nonbelievers here in the US if they could not travel overseas to fight for ISIS. Michael Cohen, WW J NewsRadio nine. Fifty Detroit metro airport completely shut down due to the winter weather. That's according to the Federal Aviation Administration. This all due to the ice and snow. The airport is closed this evening until tomorrow morning. We'll have more on that. Just ahead also were under that winter weather advisory. It expires at eight o'clock tomorrow morning, traffic and weather at ten eighteen w w j news time ten fourteen a buzzer beating victory for big blue.

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