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Yup i just. I've never read anything like at my life. But after this statement came out the petito family actually released a statement in response and good. Yeah there said the schmidt and family are going through the worst moments of their lives. They're beautiful twenty two year. Old daughter is missing in the one person who can help find gaby refuses to help. Brand laundry was traveling with gabby and the grand tetons yellowstone area. They were traveling together and gabby twenty twelve ford transit van. That is where we believe gabby was last seen is refusing to tell gabby family where he saw her. Brian is also refusing to explain why he left gabby all alone and drove her van to florida. These are critical questions. That require immediate answers. The schmidt and petito family begged the laundry family to not quote remain in the background but to help find who. Brian referred to as the love of his life. How does brian stay in the background. When he is the one person that knows. Where gabby is located the schmidt and potato family implore brian to come forward and at least tell us if we were looking in the right area lying how heartbreaking it can happen like very more few type of situation you know like. Maybe they'll find some sort of overwhelming circumstantial evidence that the timing and the location. The setting of this makes almost impossible. The geographic region alone drove through so many states. They just can't even begin to describe. Even if grantee national park was the last place she was seen. This is an enormous national part. That butts right up against yellowstone national park. So it's just huge expanse. Were about to go into winter. It's it's already starting to snow in some parts of the mountain the higher mountain areas. So this the timeline. They're up against to help locate you know her. Hopefully somehow she's alive right the going into winter. It's high just cannot begin to stress. Just how impossible. This must feel for search and rescue for law enforcement in my god for her family. I cannot even begin. But i hope they go about this comic lori. Vowel approach get him in jail for something now and then. Just keep going. But i really would fear for someone like him. That has the experience of quickly traveling across the united states. That's a flight risk..

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